Saturday, March 29, 2008


John Calipari 92, Tom Izzo 74. (Also 50-20 at halftime!).

Bob McKillop 73, Bo Ryan 56.

Both coaches take a hit in stature with thoroughly embarrassing performances on national television. If he wasn't already, Tubby Smith is now to be considered the Big Ten's best coach.

God, it was nice to watch Bo Ryan get shellacked in the second half. Is it wrong for me to totally dislike Bo Ryan? I have less venom for Izzo, but it's hard not to laugh when Michigan State finds itself down 50-20 at halftime!! Wow.

Further proof that the Big Ten was downright awful this season. And that provides further hope that Tubby can take the youngsters next season and improve upon an NIT-bid season this year.


Hawkeye State said...

"If he wasn't already, Tubby Smith is now to be considered the Big Ten's best coach.>

PJS, I love ya buddy, but that's probably the dumbest thing you've ever written. One blowout in the Sweet Sixteen (in Izzo's case, against one of the top 4 teams in the country for the entire season) really relegates these guys behind a coach who went .500 in the league with 5 returning starters and whose entire reputation is built on a championship he won a decade ago with Rick Pitino's players? Really?

The Sports Guy said...

It was a Friday night, maybe PJS was dipping in Grandpa's cough syrup!?

I didn't really think Michigan State was that great this year. Yes, they had Neitzel, and when he was hot they were good. But, they were only mediocre at times this season and that was what they were last night.

As for Sconnie, Bo Ryan's system just isn't built for the late rounds on the NCAAs. Somebody is going to score 70s sometime, and the buzzsaw named Davidson finally did that.


PJS said...

Hawkeye State, I was trying to be facetious, you know, like playfully jocular. Guess it didn't work.

Anyway, don't take a shot at Tubby!! Here are some Tubby stats for you and Todd Lickliter to chew on:

The last 15 years of Tubby ball has produced 375 W (25 W per season) at Tulsa, Georgia, Kentucky, and Minnesota. Only 3 cocahes have more in that timeframe - K, Roy Williams, Calhoun.

9 Sweet 16 appearances in those 15 years - only 1 coach (K) has more but Roy Williams and Calhoun also have 9.

Only 3 coaches have more NCAA W (Tubby has 29) in that timeframe - K, Roy Williams, and Calhoun.

PJS said...

Oh, and HS, I forgot to add that the Gophers were 9-22...that's right, freaking 9-22 last season with virtually the same roster (which we know included theater major extraorinaire Spencer Tollackson). This season? 20 wins!!!

OK, I feel better now.

Hawkeye State said...

Todd and I have plenty of other things to chew on, thank you very much.

The Tubby hire was a brilliant move by Maturi, especially given the collective "Who?" his football hire elicited from the faithful. There's no denying he's been a very successful coach at all levels (though if you can't occasionally make a Sweet 16 at Kentucky, I don't know what to tell you). I'm just on hyperbole patrol this weekend.

Sorry for not catching your playful jocularity. I try to avoid such behavior. Everyone knows BHGP is all about professionalism and journalistic integrity.

Keep up the good fight, bud.

Friend Of Tubby said...

Kentucky averages 6 Sweet 16's every 10 years (40 Sweet 16's in 70 years of NCAA tourney, or 57% of the time).

Tubby made 6 Sweet 16's in 10 years at UK.

Roy Williams and Coach K have 10 Sweet 16's in the past 15 seasons.

Izzo is the best B10 coach though.

Tubby and Jim Calhoun are next with 9 Sweet 16's in those years.

Anonymous said...

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