Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Brewster's Pretty Darn Good Impressive Quotes Vol. 2

PJS Note: Tim Brewster recently said the Gophers were "pretty darn good impressive," during a spring game. We love Brewster's ability to string descriptors together. To honor Brewster's rhetorical gifts, we're going to chronicle them here.

Today's entry comes from a Q&A with the PiPress' Bob Sansevere.

Sansevere: Did your relationship with [Houston Texans' coach Gary] Kubiak play a role in [Dominique Barber] being drafted by the Texans?

Brewster: I was in the NFL five years. As you go through the draft and you know somebody, you use that. Gary knows I won't BS him. I don't sugarcoat things. If a guy is a player, I say he's a player. If a guy's a problem, I say what they are.
PJS Comment: Oh, really. Coach Brewster, saying you "don't sugarcoat things" is like me saying I don't pick on you for the fun of it. You, sir, sugarcoat things. And various writers--from lowly bloggers like myself to the local columnists--hammer you for sugarcoating things. It's a vicious cycle.

Here's just one example that comes to mind. Last year before the season began you were justifiably talking up your recruiting class (And you continue to do well in this department). In overselling your class, however, you told Gophers faithful that Harold Howell, the diminutive track star from Florida was probably the next Devin Hester. Here's one of your quotes on Howell, this time from a Q&A with the official UofM sports Web site:
"We are extremely excited and fired up about Harold Howell. Harold Howell is going to return kicks and punts for us. ... Because if we give Harold Howell a crease, if we give that young guy a change, he’s out."

I'm not sure what the difference is between being extremely excited and fired up, but the point here is Harold Howell was a disaster from the first time he touched the ball. He might be lightning quick. But in order to return punts in the Big Ten, one must first me able to catch a floating football with giant athletes storming down the field waiting to level you. Howell didn't have the experience or skill to do this.

So, thankfully for Dom Barber, Gary Kubiak didn't read your "sugarcoating" of Harold Howell's skills last year.


Chris said...

I really I enjoy your blog, but reading this post just made me shake my head. You're better than this.

Any schmuck can take any quote from any coach, be it Brewster, Tubby, Childress, etc., and add a sarcastic, "Yeah, OK. Sure coach. Whatever you say," as their commentary. It's really quite asinine.

I know it's your blog and you can write what you want, but if you're going to write obnoxious, sarcastic commentary, then at least make it funny like "Down With Goldy."

PJS said...

Fair enough, Chris. Thanks for reading.

I had a good reaction via email to the first post a week or so ago on Brewster quotes. Maybe this was a swing and miss. It happens!

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