Friday, May 9, 2008

Friday Randomness Includes Gina Gershon

I'm heading to a three-day conference here shortly, but a few things I wanted to get out. Here goes.

*** An MSU blogger from Spartans Weblog produced a "way-too-early" Big Ten 2008-09 basketball preview this week. I tend to agree with his top 5 of Purdue, Wisconsin, MSU, OSU and Minnesota. Indiana is going to drop big time. Purdue, IMO, was the conference's best team last year and isn't losing a lot. Wisconsin is steady and should be solid again. Ohio State has reloaded.

*** Speaking of Big Ten basketball, if you hadn't heard, Michigan's Ekpe Udoh is leaving Ann Arbor, citing an inability to fit into John Beilein's plans. A would-be junior, Udoh is a shot-blocking force in the middle. He led the Big Ten with 92 blocks a season ago and in just two seasons recorded enough blocks to rank 5th all time in school history according to MIchigan wasn't going to contend with or without Udoh this season, and his relatively raw offensive game probably irks Beilein who wants to run and gun. That said, I loved watching Udoh play and am partially glad the Gophers won't have to face him in the paint this season.

*** If you ever have any doubt about Tubby Smith being a class act, read this.

*** Turning our attention to football for a moment, Tom at Gopher Nation covered the commitment of 4-star running back Hasan Lipscomb. A Houston native, Lipscomb is a 2009 recruit. Tim Brewster has an excellent incoming class by Minnesota standards and his follow-up class is already looking better than any coach in recent memory has been able to put together. Brewster deserves loads of credit for delivering inn the recruiting area as he promised he would.

*** Finally today a break from sports. I took Miss PJS to a show on Broadway for her birthday last weekend. After watching Phantom (enjoyable, but I would have preferred Yankees v. Mariners), we started walking back towards Times Square. We stumbled upon a huge crowd outside of Spamalot. Obviously this group was waiting for Clay Aiken. We waited for a moment and someone next to us said "It's not like this is Brad Pitt coming here, let's go." We agreed and continued walking. We soon came to a much smaller gathering outside of the production for "Boeing, Boeing." Bradley Whitford stars in this, and he came out and said hello. I soon asked the gathering of 10 or so who else was coming. "Gina Gershon," they said.

Miss PJS has never heard of Gina Gerson. Of course, I fondly remember Gina's scenes in Palmetto, for instance. I don't know why, but honestly, whenever Gershon I flip by a movie that Gershon is on, I stop. I think it's the lips. Anyway, nothing other to report here other than I bumped into Gershon, took a picture of her. Here it is.

No, that's not me in the pic, but Gina's obviously checking me out. And just for fun, here's one reason why I love Gina. Perhaps she can be the Official Fantasy WOMAN of PJS. Oh, wait, someone already does that.


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Google "Gina Gershon" and "Celebrity Movie Archive" if you want to see more GG.

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