Saturday, May 19, 2007

It's Nice To Dream About

Updating a previous item, Tim Brewster agrees his team's nonconference schedule doesn't do much for the program Glen Mason rose to mediocrity. Senile Sid has the confirmation.

"I think it's very, very important for us in recruiting, to get to where we want to get, that we play a marquee opponent in a nonconference game, a nationally televised game," he said. "I'd like to play a Texas, I'd like to play UCLA, I'd like to play a big-time opponent in a nonconference game. I don't want to play three or four big-time opponents, but I think that young kids -- and coach Bobby Bowden from Florida State told me this awhile ago -- when they really turned the corner at Florida State was when they really upgraded their nonconference schedule. ... So that's certainly something that we are in the process of addressing and I am looking forward to playing a very, very outstanding nonconference schedule."

A good follow-up question for Sidney could have been: Did you ask Coach Bowden about an autumn trip to Tallahassee?