Monday, May 21, 2007

No To Nepotism, Saving Saul For Last

Perhaps the best part of a coaching change is the infusion of new blood. Much was written about how Tubby Smith and Tim Brewster should consider keeping (insert coach's name here who some reporter believed had good relations with the locals, despite not being able to get the top talent to stay here), but they wisely decided to start fresh

Along with our two new fearless leaders, Gopher fans have spread offense architect Mike Dunbar, a respected defensive coordinator in Everett Winters, a former 20-game winner at a mid-major in Ron Jirsa, Rick Pitno's former recruiting guru and, um, Saul Smith.

I'm not really a fan of that whole nepotism thing, so I'll save a write-up on Saul for last.

Later tonight/tomorrow we'll look at the track record of Mike Dunbar and ask whether the Gophers have the personnel for the spread offense and why it was one season and done at Cal.

Until then, check out Gopher Nation, for a thorough run down of Tubby's recruiting targets. Or, for baseball fans, check out some of the comments on this Star Tribune blog. Crazy how Ron Gardenhire can win 4 division titles in 5 years but still fans are calling for his head.