Thursday, May 24, 2007


As PJS sees Big Ten football previews focused on Brew's Crew, we plan to bring them to you. The Final Score, a Big Ten blog, predicts a 1-7 Big Ten Finish and an a rebuilding year for the maroon and gold.

Here's a quick take from the season preview, which is thorough and well-done.

At first glance, it looks like Minnesota is going back to the cupcake route that Glen Mason instituted and enjoyed success off of the last few years. However, two of the OOC foes are MAC squads fully capable of beating a rebuilding Big Ten team and North Dakota State was a blocked field goal away from pulling an epic upset in the Homer Dome last fall. I do expect the Gophers to get the Brewster era off on a nice foot, but Big Ten wins are going to be hard to come by. It will be a step back to step forward and Minnesota will be competitive, despite the predicted lapse. The bowl streak ends at five, but teams will know they’ve played Minnesota this year.

I like the last line in the pullquote, 'teams will know they've played Minnesota this year.' It seems Brewster's tenacity is being noticed outside of Minneapolis. That can't hurt. At this point, without having looked in depth at the rest of the Big Ten, I'm not willing to predict the Gophers do as horribly as this perdiction suggests. If they can go 4-0 in the nonconference season, I see no reason why they can't win at least two Big Ten games to go bowling. PJS will preview the Big Ten as we get closer to the season and after the new recruits come to town.