Saturday, November 10, 2007

The Big Four Debut Today

Any other U of M fans more excited about today's men's hoops opener against Army then the football game in Iowa? Probably a stupid question.

The picture below (AP) illustrates what I think is the key for the basketball team's 2007-08 season. If this team is to play above .500, and flirt with the upper echelon in the Big Ten, the three seniors below, Spencer Tollackson, Dan Coleman and Lawrence McKenzie need to take a step or two forward and play with consistency, determination and leadership.

Meanwhile, the man who looks far better with a maroon tie on then that Kentucky blue needs get the remaining parts on the roster to play above their talent level. That means Jamal Abu-Shamala plays quicker on defense. That means Jonathan Williams is serviceable, at least, underneath when we need to spell Tollackson and Coleman. And that means Al Nolen, Kevin Payton and Lawrence Westbrook provide steady ball-handling and some scoring punch in the backcourt.

The Army game is just hours away. I won't be liveblogging the game because it's on so I'll try and provide some analysis shortly after the game. Go Gophers!


From The Barn said...

who is this Ben Coleman of whom you speak?

PJS said...

HAHAHA- Thanks for pointing that out. I did that the other day too, but caught it before I published. I have a good friend named Ben Coleman. I'm thinking this is going to happen again!

From The Barn said...

I was almost going to make my next blog about non basketball Coleman's...Norm, the guy that invented the camping stove, etc because of this.

Not David Derush said...

is that a white guy? uh oh.