Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Blogpoll Week 11

1LSU 25
2Kansas 24
3Oregon 23
4Oklahoma 22
5Missouri 21
6West Virginia 20
7Ohio State 19
8Georgia 18
9Virginia Tech 17
10Southern Cal 16
11Arizona State 15
12Boston College 14
13Virginia 13
14Illinois 12
15Clemson 11
16Texas 10
17Hawaii 9
18Cincinnati 8
19Wisconsin 7
20Florida 6
21Tennessee 5
22Michigan 4
23Boise State 3
24South Florida 2
25Connecticut 1

Dropped Out:

I missed last week's poll, so that's why the Delta isn't showing.


** I know some have made arguments that Kansas hasn't played anyone, so they shouldn't be in the very upper echelon of the rankings. I don't buy it. If Nebraska, Colorado or Oklahoma had an unblemished mark through 10 games in the Big 12, they'd be the consensus #1 team in the country right now. Kansas gets the nod at #2 and will have a chance to prove their worth in two weeks when they host Missouri.

** I don't think there is any argument that LSU is probably the most talented team in the coutnry, so they take the #1 spot after Ohio State's meltdown against Illinois.

** Golden Gophers are ranked dead last, in case you were wondering about my entire ballot.