Monday, November 19, 2007

Blogpoll Week 12

So, I took some heat via email (OK, it was one email, but still) about placing Kansas #2 last week over teams like Oklahoma, Oregon or West Virginia. I suppose when the proprietor of the Blogpoll bashes Kansas and ranks them 10th, some blog readers might think a #2 ranking for Kansas is a bit high.

But, Kansas took care of business this week against Iowa State, while Oklahoma laid an egg. Going 10-0 isn't easy, especially during an era of increased parity in college football. I'll continue to give Kansas credit for getting those wins. And does no one remember the absolute drubbing the Jayhawks handed Nebraska? I realize this isn't your father's Nebraska, but still.

The Jayhawks will have a chance this week to prove their worth in a primetime affair with Missouri. Won't this be neat? Missouri vs. Kansas for a chance to stay in the national title hunt. We might not ever see this again.

While Kansas remains at #2, I believe we'll eventually see a LSU/West Virginia title game. I think the loser of Kansas-Missouri could well lose in the Big 12 title game, opening the door for someone. And West Virginia is in the best position to make that leap.

Let me know what you think. Agree with Kansas? Should Oregon drop six spots after losing largely because their star quarterback was out?

3Missouri 2
4West Virginia 2
5Ohio State 2
6Virginia Tech 3
7Georgia 1
8Arizona State 3
9Oregon 6
10Southern Cal--
11Oklahoma 7
12Boston College--
16Florida 4
17Texas 1
18Hawaii 1
20Tennessee 1
21Connecticut 4
22South Florida 2
23Boise State--
24Cincinnati 6
25Texas Tech 1

Dropped Out: Michigan (#22).


Erik said...

I'm with Brian on Kansas. They're not massively distinguishable from Hawaii, at least not until Saturday.