Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Links: Brewster Getting Blasted From All Corners

If you're anything like me, by mid-afternoon on workdays you've already read every one of your favorite Web sites at least once and are clamoring for something else of interest. With that in mind, I bring you the following items that mostly relate to how Tim Brewster is now on the losing side of the public relations battle.

** CBS Sportsline took a potshot at Tim Brewster this week by first quoting the quoteable coach saying this: "I asked them in the locker room after the game, 'Who feels like they've been stuck in the gut with a searing knife?' Brewster said after a 21-16 loss to Iowa. "Everybody did, and I said that's good. That means we've got a chance."

Then, senior writer Dennis Dodd delivers the ultimate low-blow. "The Gophers are 1-10.
Big Ten coach of the year? Glen Mason. Somehow he got this bunch to seven bowl games in 10 years. Only one problem. Mason currently is working as an analyst for the Big Ten Network."


** It wasn't such a good start at Long Beach State for Dan Monson. He now has a 49er cheerleader on her blog suggesting "I don't think it can really get much worse." In a related post on my favorite LBSU blog, cheerleader Courtney tells us what it takes to become a "Monson Maniac." In case you missed it, Monson's new team was throttled by BYU 74-34. During a postgame interview Monson said he "wasn't concerned" with where the team is at. Shooting 19 percent from the field probably didn't worry Danny either. I'm wondering, did Minnesota cheerleaders ever bash Monson?

** The blogger from "Heading In Another Direction" uses this post to state they were "completely suckered, bamboozled and taken in by Tim Brewster." Later, the blogger calls Brewster a "snake-oil salesman." I offer this up to you without comment!

** The Star Tribune's blog titled "Yesterday's News," had an amusing tidbit about Gophers football. Here's a taste:

University of Minnesota football coach Tim Brewster needs only 135 more victories to match the school record set by Dr. Henry L. Williams, who coached the Gophers from 1900 to 1921. Gophers football was a big deal back in the day. And coaches had to do more than diagram plays, give pep talks, shill for car dealers and talk to Sid Hartman. Dr. Williams frequently tended to his players’ injuries and, in one case, performed surgery on one of his stars. The New York Times reports:
Check out the link above to see pictures of Williams tending to his player's injuries. I imagine Brewster has time on Saturday's to pick up the slack for the trainers. He doesn't call plays and all I ever see him dong is walking aroud with what looks like a tiny index card in his hand. What is that card anyway?

** And finally ........... a new blog I've hesitated to bring attention to.

Clearly everyone can tell I've been frustrated by some of the things Tim Brewster has said. But, I haven't yet gone so far to call for his dismissal, like the relatively new blog Fire Tim Brewster does. I just found this site a few days ago and I am somewhat surprised that someone would be calling for Brewster's head after one season. I previously suggested that University of Minnesota football fans need to grade Brewster on his recruiting, which so far he has excelled at. If he can't put the pieces on the field to win with the spread offense--which he is dead set on installing--then a year or two from now I'll jump on the Fire Tim Brewster bandwagon.

But now? It's way too early for that, in my opinion. I hope Brewster is humbled by his first year as a head man, tones down his rhetoric and finds a renewed energy to recruit and hopefully win some football games. This will be Minnesota's worst season in history. If that doesn't humble Mr. Brewster, I'm not sure what will.


lovecourtney said...

Thanks for the link to the cheerleaders blog. Classic!

Matt said...

Do you think wearing a bag over my head on Saturday would be too much? I need to have some fun with Gopher football this year.

PJS said...

Go for it, Matt. Brewster has earned the humiliation. The only reason I'm not joining the guys at Fire Tim Brewster is because he has delivered, according to experts, on the recruiting front.

lovecourtney, you're welcome.

Not David Derush said...

Come on dude. He asked his team to "choke their asses out" in an earlier game. Now he is asking if they can feel a knife in their guts? What the hell is this guy taking up his swirly straw?

This guy is more fit to be a WWE wrestling manager, not a football coach.

Can him.

John said...

Thanks for the link.

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Anonymous said...

Actually, didn't Dr. Williams have to talk to Sid Hartman too?

PJS said...

LOL, anon 743.