Saturday, November 17, 2007

Brewster Has 'Earned' Skepticism

The Star Tribune's Patrick Reusse writes today that Tim Brewster has "earned" skepticism from Minnesota fans. Reusse is completely right. I shook my head in agreement when I read Reusse's column this morning.

The following quotes that Reusse provided brought two things to mind: Brewster has been a terrible game-day coach and that he has done himself an incredible disservice by running his mouth at every given opportunity.

When introduced as the new coach in mid-January, Brewster offered this prognosis for his first season:

"Our expectation is to win a Big Ten Championship now. We're not interested in any rebuilding process. I'm very fortunate that I'm not coming into a situation that is decimated where there are no players. There are players here.

" ... We're in a little different situation here than it is at most places that are going through the hiring process. I'm very excited that it's not a complete rebuilding process."

No one knew what to expect from Brewster as a game-day coach. We all know he had never been a head man or coordinator anywhere other than the high school level. During his initial season as Minnesota's head man, Brewster has consistently not had his players ready with a solid game plan heading into games. And recently it has seemed the players have mailed in their performances--the Iowa loss seemed a little better in this regard.

I assume Joel Maturi is going to give Brewster time to right this ship. Afterall, Brewster's only claim to fame when hired was that he could recruit. So far, according to the recruiting services, Brewster has excelled in this department.

But if Brewster really meant what he said above, that he was coming into a situation where he could win immediately, Minnesota fans must question his ability to scout talent. And most importantly, we must wonder if Brewster has the coaching acumen to win with whatever level of talent he can put on the field.

Today marks the first time in recent years that the Wisconsin-Minnesota game has meant little or nothing. In the Glen Mason years, the Gophers at least were playing for a bowl game, or to move up a notch in the middle of the Big Ten standings. That alone proves Reusse's point: We should be skeptical of this coach.


Not David Derush said...


Anonymous said...

Oh yes, the annual wait to see if we were going to the Motor City or Music City Bowl. That always had me on pins and needles.


PJS said...

I think you miss the point Jeff. It's not so much the also-ran bowl game.

It's that Brewster has put together the worst season in Minnesota history with a team he suggested could win. He said this was a team that had talent and could contend. Then he puts out a 1-11 record. If fans aren't questioning his coaching ability at this point they probably aren't paying attention.

Tom said...

PJS - I understand that Brewster could have chosen his words more carefully in January. But the fact is that his words in January are completely irrelevant to his 1-11 record. There are MANY reasons to be frustrated and upset over various things this season. But the words at his first press conference are not what where we should be directing our angst.

Gopher Nation

PJS said...

I believe the headline of Reusse's was "Talk is cheap, winning is hard, as Brewster is painfully learning"

Reusse is saying the same thing you are, but he's just pointing out the flair with which Brewster stormed town and how that hasn't matched his gameday coaching.