Monday, January 7, 2008

Trip To Penn State

I'm taking a road trip this weekend to Penn State to catch the Gophers--who will hopefully be 1-1 in Big Ten play by then--face the Nittany Lions Saturday afternoon. I think we've all underrated Penn State, and think this could be a tough game that could go either way.

If any of you are also making the trip to Penn State, let me know. We can enjoy a drink or two, and you can even meet Mrs. PJS. I've never been to Penn State, so if any of you know any good places for eats and drinks, or have must-see ideas, do let me know in the comments section or via email.

Also, posting is going to be light this week. Unlike the last few weeks my work schedule is very full. I'll have a preview of the Northwestern game tomorrow. I'm going to try and liveblog the game Wednesday, but I have a 6:30 eastern time meeting and it's looking like I'll miss at least the beginning portion of the game.


Black Shoe Diaries said...

I hope you enjoy your trip to Penn State. I'll be making the trip myself.

If you want to have a good time after the game go down to College Avenue. There are tons of restaurants and bars down there. I would suggest going to the Allen Street Grill for dinner. It's on the corner of South Allen Street and College Avenue. It's upstairs from The Corner Room, another good place to eat.

Whichever one you choose, don't have dessert. After your meal walk up College Ave a little further to Ye Ole College Diner and get yourself a "World Famous Grilled Sticky"...ala mode of course. Then head up College Ave a little further to Cafe 210 West for drinks. Ask for an Ice Tea. It's the house specialty drink. But be warned they go down fast. One will make you feel good. Drink two and you will be stumbling home. Drink three and you will probably wake up on the bathroom floor in the morning.

Other thinks everyone should do while visiting Penn State are getting a double scoop of Peachy Paterno ice cream at the Penn State creamery and getting your picture taken at the Nittany Lion Shrine. Have a good trip and maybe I'll see you at the game!

alex said...

I was going to make the trip, but unfortunately (well, not really, I can't wait to be back), my flight back to Minnesota is that afternoon, so I won't be making it.

Enjoy the creamery though, it's a must visit.

Friend Of Tubby said...

Don't know how to spell it but Ercolini's Italian restaurant in Prince Gallitzin PA west of Penn St is / was a great place to eat on your way to or from Happy Valley.

PJS said...

Thanks for all of the suggestions. FOT, I love Italian food, so I'm going to try and take you up on that suggestion---and the creamery has two votes, so I'll probably do that too.

Mike 2 said...

Enjoy the game. I think Gophers win, but that's not a confident pick. I used to make the treks to The Lion's Den, Cafe 210 West, The Saloon, The Phyrst, and the Sports Cafe (I think it should be done with renovations now.) There's really no "must go to" place downtown. Everything's on the two main parallel strips downtown, practically in line with each other, so you can walk to all of those.

Toby Ritt said...

How does LW feel about bein referred to as Mrs. PJS?

Miss PJS said...

Toby, If you'll notice by my name on this post, it's Miss PJS, not Mrs., because last time I checked, I don't have a ring on my finger.