Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Football Player Charged With Assault, Apparently Preparing For Career In Professional Wrestling

Minnesota's star defensive end Willie VanDeSteeg has been charged with fifth degree assault after apparently practicing a choke slam outside of a liquor store.

From the Star Tribune: "William VanDeSteeg was arrested about 1:10 a.m. outside the Biscay Liquor Store, accused of assaulting two men who were left with "visible physical injuries," according to documents filed by the McLeod County Sheriff's Office. One of the men told authorities that VanDeSteeg grabbed him by the neck and lifted him off the ground. VanDeSteeg, 22, was released from jail after a court appearance Monday."

First of all, picking someone up from their neck is damn impressive, even if it indicates said assailant has more of a future in the WWE than a boardroom. Second, VanDeSteeg impresses here because in the past when Gophers football players have been arrested, they were so smart they videotaped their sexually explicit indiscretions. VanDeSteeg knows that the first rule of beating an assault charge is don't create evidence of said assault charge.

VanDeSteeg is coming off of a disappointing 2007 season which was set back by injuries. He didn't live up to the hype that came after a 2006 season in which he racked up 10 sacks. VanDeSteeg is entering his senior season in maroon and gold. For the record, the Star Tribune wasn't able to coax much of a comment out of Tim Brewster, who said he didn't have all of the information needed to comment.

Jon at TNABACG has more on the assault charge here.


Anonymous said...

The way WVDS played last year, he better be preparing for a career that doesn't involve football. Maybe the WWE is his style - or bouncing - or the Lower Mississippi Valley Indoor Spring Arena Football League.

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