Monday, July 16, 2007

Dominic Jones Charged With Sexual Assault

The Star Tribune reports today that Minnesota football player Dominic Jones has been charged with third degree sexual assault, after a lenghty investigation.

Attached here is the juicy stuff, and by juicy I mean thoroughly disgusting. This is the charging document, and it isn't suitable for those not wishing to read graphic sexual exploits. I'm not going to quote it here, but by all means read the document in its entirety if you want to know what really is alleged here.

To summarize: Lots of vodka, dorm room, passed out college student, college football players, ejaculation, DNA evidence and digital documentation. DISGUSTING!

Not that it matters, but Jones is a star Gophers cornerback.

Alex Daniels, Keith Massey and E. J. Jones, also Gopher football players, remain suspects in the case.

My initial reaction, aside from being completely sickened, is that Tim Brewster needs to act quickly. Innocent until proven guilty and all that, but the last thing any Gopher fan should want is athletes like this in the program.

Brewster has issued a statement. It states: "This disappointing news for our entire team. The student-athlete arrested last night has been suspended from the football team and cannot participate in team activities. The three student-athletes previously arrested in conjunction with this matter will remain suspended until more information becomes available."

I understand not wanting to rush judgment on any of these players. But unless the charging document is completely false, it would appear this situation calls for more drastic measures than suspension.


Anonymous said...

WHat's wrong with a little face ejaculation?

She wasn't THAT drunk. 8 shots? I doubt she took them all/

GopherFan said...

Dominic Jones needs to be removed from the team now. This is disgusting.

Matthew said...

Wow, anonymous. Do you play Gopher football, too?