Sunday, July 29, 2007

Touching On The Twins

I've said before that because there are so many wonderful Twins bloggers I wouldn't weigh in on the Minnesota professional baseball team too often.

But as I sit here Sunday afternoon, watching Pat Neshek on my Extra Innings baseball package, I can't help but cheer for GM Terry Ryan to take what the Star Tribune's Joe Christensen calls "the dreaded seller route."

For most fans who watch every single game, the idea of trading Torii Hunter is ridiculous. But for a fan who can watch this team without sentimentality, the idea of trading Hunter and others this year makes perfect sense. I know it's tough to waive the white flag when you are a team that has made some memorable second half runs, and has otherwised owned the AL Central. But for the long-term benefit of the club, Terry Ryan should pretend Torii Hunter is the new version of Chuck Knoblauch and make a deal, or two, or three.

This year, the Detroit Tigers are unreal. Their offense is the best in the bigs. Their pitching staff isn't far behind. The Cleveland Indians, aren't far behind the Tigers. In the Central, the toughest division in baseball, the Twins have too many holes tmake things work. Third base has been embarrassing. Our myriad left fielders makes one long for Dan Gladden in the worst way. DH has been a joke. Our bullpen, traditionally the Twins' best asset, has weaknesses.

These holes can be filled by trading Torii Hunter, Luis Castillo, Carlos Silva, Juan Rincon and even Joe Nathan. It should be clear that Silva won't be aroud much longer. Next years rotation of Santana, Liriano, Garza, Baker, Slowey/Perkins should be excellent--which is reason enough to start preparing for 2008.

I realize Torii Hunter is a fan-favorite. But he doesn't seem the type, like Kirby Puckett, to give Carl Pohlad a hometown discount. Should we hold on to him and he bolts in free agency, we'll get two draft picks. Should we lose Luis Castillo, Carlos Silva or others to free agency, the Twins likely receive no compensation.

I've enjoyed following the Twins this year. And I just don't see a postseason run in the cards. My hope is Terry Ryan makes a deal, to put the Twins in position to capatilize on Santana/Liriano and Mauer/Morenau next year.


Anonymous said...

Give me a holy break. That rotation won't even be top 10 in baseball. Slowey? Garza? Bonzer? Come on PJS!

Stick to the Golden Gophers, kid. Your attempt at MLB and the Twins was mediocre, at best.


PJS said...

You see Garza today? Pretty solid. 11K in 6 innings.

Santana, a healthy Liriano and Garza could be pretty damn good. Add a decent Bonser and Slowey/Baker to that, and that's a more than respectable starting 5.

And trust me, I will be 90-95 percent maroon and gold.

Anonymous said...

Please. He is inconsistent. He won't do that again rest of the year.

You are assuming Liriano is going to return and pitch like he did his rookie year. Pie in the sky, pal.

Slowey and Baker aren't promising in my opinion. So, you have Santana and maybe one other so-so pitcher and the rest a sea of mediocrity. Ha.

And you push to trade your top 3 player? Shame on you. Shame on you

PJS said...

Hunter is 32 I believe. That gives him 3-5 years left--though some would argue he's already losing a step.

It's true, Liriano may or may not be what he was last year.

I just don't see the Twins competing with what we currently have, and I definitely don't seem them resinging Hunter in the current market.

I don't want to see Hunter go, but I think it makes the most sense for the future.

WWWWWW said...
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WWWWWW said...

Ok, I'm an idiot. I don't know how the fancy interweb works. I'm trying to agree with PJS and link to my blog but I'm drunk and I'm stupid and it's hard.

So I agree they should have traded Hunter. And I prove it here, which should be a link ut I don't get your fancy web code speak:

WWWWWW said...

Oh that's fantastic. Just, nevermind.