Tuesday, July 17, 2007

At What Price Pasadena?

I realize that the players involved in the sexual assault weren't recruited by Tim Brewster. And I realize that all people make mistakes. But I'm curious what most Minnesota fans would like to see Brewster concentrate on in his recruiting. Should he shy away from talent that comes along with a red flag or two? No athlete or student is perfect, but should Brewster put an emphasis on off-the-field behavior? Or should he turn a blind-eye to high school shenanigans and put more stock in gameday production? Every year coaches have to make these calls. Take the risk or take a pass? What would you rather see Brewster do?


Tom said...

This is always an interesting subject to me. Why do we assume that a winning program will bring more "problem" athletes along with it? And are the actions of a couple bad eggs really indicative of the team or coaching staff? Just interesting questions imo. On Rivals a poster pointed out that Jones was an honor student and considered a really good kid coming out of high school so the "type" of kid that Mason and now Brewster recruits is never a sure thing I guess. I hope this all gets resolved soon. The guilty should be punished and hopefully the innocent will not have this as a stain on their reputation.

PJS said...

I agree Tom. I was a troublemaker of sorts in high school (drank a little too much!) but went to college and put up a 3.8 with no problems at all. Some kids with perfect off-the-field records may make a mistake and vice versa.

PJS said...

On your other question: Are a couple bad eggs really indicative of the team or staff? A couple? No. But I think we could come up with a few programs who have had more than a couple bad eggs.