Wednesday, July 4, 2007


Over the next few months I'm going to try and highlight some of the blogs linked to on the right side bar. I see the blogroll as an endorsement of sorts. And I am trying not to add every blog that could possibly be linked to, because I sort of feel that each additional link devalues the others. That's not to say I'll never add blogs, in fact at some point I hope to expand and provide links to bloggers representing teams from other BCS conferences.

I've also removed a couple links over the past couple months. I had linked to a couple other Minnesota sites, which seem to either be defunct or on a permanent hiatus. I don't want to send readers to a blog that isn't current. That said, I understand some bloggers take vacations, so I'll try to be cautious about removing a blog.

For now, I've linked to some of the best Big 10 bloggers, Minnesota bloggers I read on a regular basis and some general college sports Web sites.

I'd like to take a minute to highlight three of these sites today, and I'll continue to do this as the summer drags on.

I'd like to start with a personal story. A journalist colleague of mine, who runs Zombie Nation, a Penn State blog, was off to a fine start. But my friend, Mike, is battling the sometimes-brutal Crohn's Disease. Mike might be the biggest college football fan I've ever met. He can recite specific plays in Minnesota-PSU games better than I can. He's a wealth of PSU football knowledge. As he battles on in and out of the hospital, my thoughts and well wishes are with him. I hope some of you will stop by his blog and wish him well. When he's healthy, Mike at Zombie Nation will be a great addition to the many great PSU blogs. Get well, buddy.

Another blogging community with a slew of great blogs is Ohio State. Today, I'd like to highlight Pfef's Sports Blog. The writer, a high school junior, is currently breaking down the OSU football team position by position. Pfef is a blunt, honest and a young writer with great potential. A high school junior!

And finally, I bring your attention to a blog I just recently added. Lake The Posts, at least as far as I can tell, is the only blog in the college sports blogosphere dedicated to Northwestern University sports. The blogger is currently counting down from 25 the best NU football games.


Pfef said...

thanks for the nice words! now that it's summer, i suppose I'm a senior. i guess i should update that in my profile.