Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Filed In the Unfortunate News Department ...

Highly coveted Cretin Derham Hall wide receiver Michael Floyd doesn't have the Golden Gophers in the top echelon of schools he is considering to attend in 2008.

According to this article from Gator Country, Floyd lists Florida, Ohio State, Notre Dame and Michigan as the leaders in the quest to land the Minnesota standout. He told the publication what stood out to him about those four traditional football powerhouses.

Notre Dame- “They throw the ball and I like Coach Weis. He’s a cool guy.”

Ohio State- “I like all their coaches up there. They’re all really cool.”

Michigan- “Their wide receivers coach is real cool. I know a lot of guys that are on campus and they’re great people.”

Florida- “I haven’t been there yet, but I know they want to win. They’re only looking for the best players to do that. Their goal every year is a championship.”
It's hard to fault a kid for looking real hard at playing for these four schools. All of us rooting for the Gophers would love to see him suit up in the new spread offense in TCF Bank Stadium. But unless TIm Brewster pulls off a big upset, the propsects of Floyd staying home, and helping to resurrect the program, are beginning to look bleak.

UPDATE: The Pioneer Press weighed in this afternoon after talking with Floyd. Apparently Floyd soured on Minnesota somewhat after a recent unofficial visit. He also told the paper Minnesota is in his second tier of candidates with Iowa and Wisconsin. Here's an interesting line from the PiPress article. I'm not exactly sure what to make of it.
Expressing concern about the "atmosphere" and about the talent level of the defensive backs who would challenge him in practice at Minnesota, Floyd told the Pioneer Press today that his top four choices are Florida, Michigan, Notre Dame and Ohio State.
Floyd, who also took unofficial visits last month to Wisconsin, Michigan, Notre Dame and Ohio State, said, "It was just so different when I went to those places. It wasn't what I expected at the U. I didn't like some of the people I met. Some people said they really wanted me to come. Other people I met just seem to be saying it."