Sunday, July 15, 2007

Sunday Shorts

The day job sent me out of town for a few days, which is responsible for the lack of updates. But I'm back, and plan to get back into the swing of things.

First, let's check out what's been going on across the Internets the last few days.

** The first two installments of Hawkeye State's Big Ten Football Preview are up. The Enlightened Spartan penned the MSU preview for Hawkeye State and Illini Talk wrote the preview for Illinois. The Iowa blogger asked me to put together the Minnesota preview. I think my preview should be up this week.

** Women treat Greg Oden well. OSU blog 11W has been all over this story and provides us a link to the video embedded below. Oden answers questions about the photo of a fine young woman who apparently rolled up her skirt. Check it out yourself.

** And finally, before I pen my football preview for Hawkeye State, I'll update my criticism on ESPN's weird Who's Now segment. I wrote previously that the segment on SportsCenter is silly, among other things. Now, the self-proclaimed World Wide Leader has switched up the format. Instead of Stuart Scott, Kirk Herbstreit, Keyshawn Johnson and Mike WIlbon, Round 2 of the segment will be hosted by Mike Greenberg (bad), Kevin James (why?) and Jessica Biel(hot). So, they've taken a bad segment and switched it up with a comedian and a hot chick? At least they realized it sucked the way it was. Now, hopefully at least Jessica will be featured prominently.


Dallas Cowboys Blog said...

I still won't watch it unless somehow Jessica undresses.

Hawkeye State said...

You'll be up Tuesday night. Thanks for the preview.