Tuesday, February 5, 2008

BTB Power Rankings

Every week the Big Ten Bloggers group conspires on a set of power rankings. Most weeks I'll post my version here. I filed my ballot via email last week. Check Gopher Nation for the results.

1) Purdue (17-5, 8-1): Last week: 2-0 (W vs. Iowa, @ Illinois) Next week: 2/5 vs. Penn State, 2/9 @ Wisconsin

No one can call yours truly a bandwagon jumper with the Boilermakers. During the first power poll, I believe I had Matt Painter's youngsters ranked higher than any other Big Ten blogger. I've had faith in these young Boilers and they have done me proud. I might just adopt this squad moving forward.

2) [Redacted] (18-3, 8-1): Last week: 2-0 (W vs. Indiana, @ Minnesota) Next week: 2/6 @ Iowa, 2/9 vs. Purdue

Nothing puts me in a sour mood quite like getting bitchslapped by Bucky. Bo Ryan's domination of the Gophers finished off a great week that began with a domination of Indiana. If they hold survive the road test at Iowa and hold home court against the Boilers, the [redacteds] will once again sit atop the conference.

3) Indiana (18-3, 7-1): Last week: 1-1 (L @ Wisconsin, W vs. Northwestern) Next week: 2/7 @ Illinois, 2/10 @ Ohio State

I see the Hoosiers dripping the game next weekend at Ohio State. And I'm bored with Eric Gordon. DJ White is the most important player for the Hoosiers.

4) Michigan State (19-3, 7-2): Last week: 1-1 (W vs. Illinois, L @ Penn State) Next week: 2/9 vs. Northwestern

Our friennds at SpartyMSU forgot to air out their meth lab this week. No way should Izzo's clan be in the #1 spot after losing in Happy Valley as the Lions are still Gearly Claxon-less. If anything, MSU should find it's way to the bottom of the rankings. Embarassing loss.

5) Ohio State (15-7, 6-3): Last week: 1-1 (W @ Penn State, L @ Iowa) Next week: 2/5 vs. Michigan, 2/10 vs. Indiana

Unfortunate loss at Iowa for Thad Matta's squad. But I can't fathom putting the Hawkeyes in the top six, so I won't.

6) Iowa (11-12, 4-6): Last week: 1-1 (L @ Purdue, W vs. Ohio State) Next week: 2/6 vs. Wisconsin, 2/9 @ Minnesota

The Hawkeyes enjoy a nice surge into the upper half of the league. But it won't last. 0-2 this week for Lickliter. You read it here first: Minnesota will embarass Iowa in The Barn this weekend.

7) Minnesota (13-7, 3-5): Last week: 1-1 (W @ Michigan, L vs. Wisconsin) Next week: 2/6 @ Northwestern, 2/9 vs. Iowa

No comment.

8) Penn State (11-10, 3-6): Last week: 1-1 (L vs. Ohio State, W vs. Michigan State) Next week: 2/5 @ Purdue, 2/9 @ Michigan

Hand it to Ed DeChellis for keeping this team motivated sans Claxton.

9) Illinois (10-13, 2-8): Last week: 0-2 (L @ Michigan State, vs. Purdue) Next week: 2/7 vs. Indiana

I'd be enjoying the Illini's struggles much more if we could mock Bill Self instead of bland Bruce Weber.

10) Michigan (5-16, 1-8): Last week: 0-1 (L vs. Minnesota) Next week: 2/5 @ Ohio State, 2/9 vs. Penn State

Signing day tomorrow Michigan football fans!

11) Northwestern (7-12, 0-8): Last week: 1-1 (W vs. Texas-Pan American, L @ Indiana) Next week: 2/6 vs. Minnesota, 2/9 @ Michigan State

Thank you, Wildcats. You make Minnesota football look awesome.


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2 W this week for Gophers = 15-7.

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