Friday, February 15, 2008

Have A Good Weekend

Hey all, the weekend is upon us. That means a trip to Madison for our rodents, where they are destined to pull off an incredible upset. Probably not, but we can dream big dreams. Sorry things have been slow around here. The day job was very slow in January, which allowed me loads of time to opine on anything and everything. But the last couple weeks have been a bear, and now that I finally have a weekend off, various inlaws have descended upon my otherwise tranquil Northern Virginia home. Because of this highly unfortunate occurence, I'll be away until Sunday night when I hope to have a glorious review of how Kevin Payton made a successful jump stop and in doing so led the Golden Gophers to a stirring come from behind win at the abomination known as the Kohl Center.

Also, maybe this would be a good time to open a thread up to thoughts and suggestions. What would you like to see more of? Less of? Do you like the Keeping Tabs on the Future series? Do you like reviews and previews, or would you prefer more sarcasm, photoshops and desperate attempts at humor? Tell me, PJS readers, why you come here and what would make you come back more often.

Other than that, I'm out.


snyde043 said...

Love the Keeping Tabs on the Future series. Rather than making it an either/or for previews and reviews vs. sarcasm, etc., why not inject more humor elements into the previews and reviews?

Eric said...

I really enjoy previews and reviews. We don't get BTN, so I like some of the analysis I don't get from print editions, and should get in blogs.

The Gopher gorillas were awesome, though.

lurker said...

I'd appreciate more pictures of young women, but my girlfriend also tells me I'm obsessed with women, so maybe you should just ignore me!

Anonymous said...

I come here for the analysis and straight Gophers talk. A little more humor would be good, but I think some of the other team blogs get a little childish.... So don't go overboard.

lonebadger said...

I think a great way to improve the site would be to make it a joint site between the Gophers and the Badgers. Wouldn't that be great? Seriously, this is a great blog and the Gophers have several others as well. The Badgers don't have a single decent 'fanblog'. It is difficult to keep a blog going when you also have a 'real' job, so don't forget about the family as well. Good luck.

PJS said...

Yeah, tell me about it, LB. The day job has been kicking my ass the last couple weeks. And then when I have time at night to blog, Miss PJS makes remarks about my laptop.

It's an intersting idea about a joint site. What Badgers sites do you frequent?

lonebadger said...

Badgers Blog on,
The Wisconsin Sports Bar.

I also check out BHGP, Lake the Posts,, Black Shoe Diaries, and when I want to feel inferior and uninformed I check out

None are as good as PJS though. ;)

Anonymous said...

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