Sunday, February 3, 2008

Game Day Prep: Wisconsin at Minnesota

Series: Minnesota leads 91-82, according to the UM athletic department release.
Of Note: Since Bo Ryan took over in Madison, the Badgers lead the series 9-1. Thank you, Dan Monson.
Tip: 1 p.m. central time
Television: Big Ten Network
Announcers: Matt Devlin and Trent Tucker. YES!!!

Ken Pomeroy Scouting Reports: Minnesota, Wisconsin


AP and ESPN: Wisconsin 13/13, Minnesota Unranked
Basketball Predictions: Wisconsin 4 seed , Minnesota "Just missed Cut"
Ken Pomeroy RPI: Minnesota 84, Wisconsin 17
RPI Ratings: Minnesota 77, Wisconsin 19
Real Time RPI: Minnesota 80, Wisconsin 13
Colley Rankings: Minnesota 61, Wisconsin 12

Articles and Blog Posts:

The Capital Times (Madison): UW's Joe Krabbenhoft comes mighty close to coming off as just a tad too cocky. Aside from that, a typical preview that gushes over Minnesota's pressure defense.
CSTV: Straight forward preview.

Gopher Nation: Tom is having problems being confident in the Gophers.

From the Barn: Also predicts Minny loss.

Down With Goldy: This preview contains cute girls and a photo of Brian Butch in a bra. Click at your own risk.

STrib: Myron Medcalf features Brian Butch. I was bored with this.


alex said...

That game sucked, to say the least.

lonebadger said...

I wanted soooooo bad for Bucky to play well and win by double digits so that I could descend from the high road with a vengeance. Oh well, 1 out of 2 ain't bad as long as it's 'win by double digits'. That second half was ugly on both ends and somewhat took away from what should have been a big border battle win. Both sides realize that the days of the Badgers totally dominating this series are near the end. Any chance Orlando moves on to bigger and better things? I hear Gillespie might be available soon.

PJS said...

Yes, Alex, it did. And that's why I haven't written a recap yet. I'm not sure I have anything good to say.

LB, don't be so sure. As much as Bo Ryan is highly annoying, it's going to take the Gophers some time to reach the level of consistent excellence the Badgers have maintained.

RM said...

Myron blows.

Anonymous said...

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