Tuesday, February 5, 2008

In Tribute To Bobby Knight, Monson Apparently Throws Chair

Via the Daily 49er, Long Beach State's student newspaper, Dan Monson reportedly did his best Bobby Knight impersonation last weekend in a loss at home to UC Irvine.

The 49ers have barely managed to squeak out four wins and have suffered 16 losses - eight of which were by 15 or more points. The most recent, Saturday night in The Walter Pyramid, was a quick and easy 22-point beat-down by center Darren Fells and the rest of the Anteaters.

Tip-off was at 7:05 p.m. and I was done with post-game interviews and on Second Street drinking within two hours. And trust me, alcohol was needed after this game. The 49er defense was absolutely thrashed by threes, the offense was purely the Donovan Morris show and head coach Dan Monson went Bobby Knight on a chair after sophomore guard Chris Peys tried to put up an "Oh my god, what are you doing?" 3-pointer.

Stay hot, Dan Monson.

Seriously, however, I've always had a tremendous deal of respect and admiration for Mr. Knight. For a very well done look at his remarkable career, head to Hoopraker.


alex said...

No preview for the NU game? For lack of a better place to put this, I'll put my thoughts so far here.

It's good that they finally got their act together at the end of the first half, because the fact that NU was within 3 with 3 minutes to go is kind of scary. Still, looks like they stepped it up on defense towards the end, and it even looks like Abu is providing some offense for a change. Past that, Tollackson is doing his standard performance against teams without big men, and has even made all 5 free throws he's tried.

PJS said...

Been ultra busy the last couple days. I'll be back with a review later today and hopefully a look at signing day too! I hate it when work picks up.

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