Friday, August 24, 2007

Coming To Minny

I've been away from the great state of Minnesota for too long. So, I'm flying to Minnesota from D.C. tonight to spend a weekend, which will include family, friends, drinks and most importantly, a fantasy football auction, where my team is poised to repeat as division champion.

So, I'll be away from my computer until Monday night. I was tempted to bring the laptop along with, but I decided that since I see the boys and family in Minnesota only on rare occassions I would opt against blogging for the weekend.

In case you're wondering, my fantasy team is poised to dominate in 2007. I'm in a 10-team auction keeper (been playing with the same guys for nearly a decade). We have $100 to spend in the auction. This is the second year of the auction keeper and my squad has been voted as having the best keepers: Willie Parker at $8 and Joe Addai at $6. That will leave me about $90 to fill the rest of my slots. Not bad, I'd say, considering someone is keeping Shaun Alexander for $40.

Until Monday everyone. And good luck in all of your fantasy drafts/auctions.


Anonymous said...

DO not draft Driver. DO what I suggested. You;ve got the cash. Spend it on a good receiver and QB

Mark said...

That comment about Shaun Alexander makes me all the more happy that my FF leagues are re-draft with a random draw each year.

PJS said...

Mark, I actually enjoy this format. It allows for strategizing over several years. I had an auction strategy last year that allowed me to grab Addai and FWP on the cheap. Also, everyone gets a shot at everyone. In a draft, only one person gets a shot at LT.

Mark said...

I've heard that argument made in favor of auctions before, but I personally prefer strategizing to win my league even without LT.

I won my office league last year with a #7 draft position and the team finishing second to mine drafted #8. That said, I wasn't unhappy at all to get the #1 in my fraternity league this year. We'll see if LT can take me to the title.

How did your overall team work out?

PJS said...

Congrats on your win last year!

My team shaped up well. Brees at quarterback with Rivers backing up. Addai, FWP, Norwood, Dunn and DeAngelo Williams at back. Marvin Harrison, Chad Johnson and Santana Moss at receiver and Jeremy Shockey at back.

My only concern is depth at running back after Addai and FWP.