Wednesday, August 15, 2007

A Return To The Insight Bowl

I was asked a while back to pen a Minnesota preview for My preview, along with all other Big 10 previews are up today. You can find my preview here

I predicted a 7-5 finish and a return to the Insight Bowl for the Golden Gophers. I was one of two contributors to pick Wisconsin to win the Big Ten title. So, for the few readers who have emailed me and complained that I pick on the Badgers, realize I do have it in me to say something kind about the team from Madison.

The main page for all of the Big Ten previews is here.

The Gophers, based on all of the previews and predictions, will come in 9th in the Big 10. I personally predicted a 6th place finish for our lads, so that tells me my fellow bloggers aren't so high on Tim Brewster's crew. But that's not too surprising, now is it?


Eric said...

I don't know, it'll be tough. I've got the Gophers at 6-6 with wins against Bowling Green, Florida Atlantic, NDSU, Miami OH, Indiana, and Illinois, but I don't think there'll be enough room for them in the bowl season unless 2 Big 10 teams get into the BCS.

Don't you think the Big 10 was really bad last season? I think it was and I think the emergence of Purdue and Northwestern as solid football teams will keep Minnesota out of the postseason.

PJS said...

Every year in both major sports people like to talk about the Big Ten being down.

It has rarely been the case.