Tuesday, August 28, 2007

It's Weber's Team

Tim Brewster named redshirt freshman Adam Weber his starting quarterback today, which isn't a surprise if you've been following camp. But Weber came into camp as the #2 behind junior Tony Mortensen.

Weber gives the Gophers an added dimension with the athleticism to run the option. The Pioneer Press has a story up here. An AP version is here, and in that report Brewster says he won't have a "quick hook" on Weber. To me that means Weber is the guy until he proves incapable of running the team.

The Star Tribune's Chip Scoggins, on his blog, reports a few other camp battle results. Freshmen wideout Tray Herndon will start as the slot receiver alongside Ernie Wheelright and Eric Decker. Decker will join freshmen Harold Howell on punt returns. And Scoggins reports the second-team secondary looks a little weak. That group includes wideout-turned-corner Mike Chambers and three true freshman.