Tuesday, August 21, 2007

OMG, Someone Isn't Picking Brewster's Team To Finish Dead Last

I typically don't provide random links until the weekend, but this one was too good to pass up. A reputable sports news outlet, not one of us silly bloggers, is picking Tim Brewster's squad to finish 7th in the Big 10. Not impressive, you say? Well, considering just about everyone else is predicting the Gophers to finish 13th in the 11 team Big 10, I'd say it's worth noting.

The Sporting News' college football expert Steve Greenberg says the following about Brewster in his Big 10 preview: "Minnesota's identity crisis won't last much longer. It has been 40 years since Minnesota last won a share of the Big Ten championship. There have been numerous flirtations with big success since, but those typically ended in fast starts gone horribly wrong. Fact is, the Gophers haven't had enough good players to compete with the top teams wire to wire, and they sure haven't had much of a home-field advantage. "There aren't many teams that go off campus and have a great identity," says first-year coach Tim Brewster. "We don't have a game-day environment right now." That will change when a new on-campus stadium opens in 2009. Until then, Brewster will run this program on positive thinking. ..."

Greenberg, in the scouts' take section of his preview, adds this: "You have to like the new coach at Minnesota, Tim Brewster. He is extremely energetic. He's fun to be around. His staff is the same way. They have a great passion for football."

In reality, this means little. But after weeks of opening up Big 10 previews and seeing the Gophers picked last or damn near last, it's a relief to see someone believing in something other than Brewster's public relations skills.

Back later tonight/tomorrow with thoughts on the Gophers' lack of depth at wide receiver.


lonebadger said...

Greenberg says that Brewster is running the program on 'positive thinking' and that he's 'extremely energetic'. That sounds like public relations to me. What does Greenberg see in Brewster besides the PR?

PJS said...

True, but unlike other pundits he's picking Brewster's PR machine to win some games. Everyone says he's 'positive' and 'energetic,' but they also predict him to finish 11th.

twins15 said...

I'm excited about Brewster... maybe not this year, but I think this will be a good signing long-term.

Anonymous said...

Decent article, but I disagree that Brewster's enthusiasm means little. It means a ton compared to the alternative. This is a team that's going to have to play to all of it's potential and they need somebody to keep them upbeat. I believe Coach Brewster can do that for the whole season, given his personality. Bottomline, it might make the difference between 5-7 and 7-5

PJS said...

I clearly did a poor job in this post of getting across what I intended. Anon, by saying "this means little" I was referring to Greenberg's pick of the Gophers to finish 7th.

Twins15...I'm a fan of your site Thank You Brian Sabean. The name itself is awesome.

Anonymous said...

As the comedienne said...."oh, never mind".