Monday, August 13, 2007

No Respect And Sidebar News

Transitioning from jobs is taking more of my time then I'd like. That said, I have a couple things I'd like to bring your attention to today. After that, I'll probably be away until Wednesday afternoon/evening.

In the Rodney Dangerfield category: A blog known as Saturday Sound Offs listed a litany of "Games to Watch" for the upcoming college football season. One of those games includes the Gophers. Minnesota v. Wisconsin perhaps? Nah. Minnesota at Florida Atlantic though, that's one worth tuning into. The blogger writes: "Don’t laugh! Minnesota will be, well, they’re just going to flat out stink. FAU is the home team and FAU has the potential to pull this off. Keep in mind, the Golden Gophers were one point and a missed FG away from losing to North Dakota State………at home."That North Dakota victory was embarrassing, no doubt about it. But it seems clear that Tim Brewster's crew will play with a little more passion than Glen Mason's squads did. The game at Florida Atlantic is a strange one, but there is no reason to believe Brewster's squad won't be able to pull an easy win.

And I have another announcement for those that follow right-sidebar news with passion. Brian from Mgoblog invited PJS to take part in the much-discussed blogpoll. It's an honor to be included and hopefully I can withstand the temptation to rank the Badgers far below what they might otherwise deserve. All of the blogpoll participants, which I gather are involved by invitation only, are now listed on the right sidebar. The poll results will likewise be available for your perusal here. I'm thinking it'll be about five years before the blogpoll becomes part of the BCS ranking system and the media poll as we know it today goes by the wayside.

Until Wednesday ....


Eric said...

Hey! This is Eric. I appreciate the link.

Minnesota should win and I do like the Gophers to win by about 10 points. But it does have the potential to be close. This should be Florida Atlantic's best team in their young existence and they have the potential of giving Minnesota a scare in Boca Raton.

Not saying they're going to win, but they are capable of playing them close.