Saturday, June 2, 2007

Andrew Brommer Revisited

With very little reported by our perodicals about Andrew Brommer's decision to cut ties, at least for now, with the Gophers, I decided to see what else has been written on the Internets/band of tubes about the Rosemount center.

The most telling information, though ir comes from a chat room, indicates that Tubby Smith might think that Brommer isn't Big Ten material. Commenters on KFAN's Rube Chat suggest that Brommer is a project-type big man. Two commenters who claim to have watched the same game when Brommer faced Owatonna had similar reactions. Here's what one said:

Fairly good athletic skills for 6' 8". Won't be an impact player. He's a project and will take 2 or 3 years to see many minutes. Very thin, needs to add 25 lbs. Not sure why we offered; oh yeah-Monson. Saw him play one game this year: 6 pts. 6 rbs. and fouled out with 8 minutes to play. Not B10 caliber.
That's not exactly true. According to, which provides a breakdown of Brommer's performance throughout the high school season here Brommer averaged 16.3 points per game, and his two lowest scoring outputs last year were nine. ranks Brommer as a 3-star, 6-8 center.

That said, according to various recruiting services, Brommer has been courted by other big schools: Illinois, Wisconsin, Virginia and Xavier.

Coaches aren't allowed to comment on recruits until they sign a letter of intent, so we're left to draw our own conclusions about Brommer. Tubby won't have much to work with other than Monson's talent this year, but for the Class of 2008, Tubby has plenty of scholarships to throw around. Hopefully, the scuttlebutt on KFAN is correct, and Tubby let Brommer know that he isn't the type of recruit that will play at Minnesota in the future. If Tubby can land some of the bigger talents he is after--Festus Ezeli, Ralph Sampson III, Stan Simpson, Royce White, Draymond Green etc..--then the program can let the Brommer's of the world go elsewhere.

UPDATE: Charley Walters reports on June 3rd that Brommer is now being pursued span by Dayton, Colorado State, Xavier and Northern Iowa. It would seem that Brommer's stock has dipped at lesat a little bit since he verbally committed to Monson.

UPDATE II: According to this North Dakota State forum, Tubby made it clear to Brommer that he will not play for the Gophers. It would seem Tubby has his sights set on higher caliber players. If true, this is good news for Minnesota fans hoping Tubby lands a fab five in 2008.