Monday, June 11, 2007

Chubby 4 Tubby?!?!?!?! Yikes!

With a hat tip to The Fanhouse, I read today that there is a new Web site titled Chubby 4 Tubby. And, yes, the site does exist and, in fact, asks readers to send in a photo of their, um, chubby.

Here's a snippet from the Web site: "Just click on a shirt and get a CHUBBY 4 TUBBY! Then send us a picture of you and your Chubby, and if we like it, we'll post it on our Show Us Your Chubby page."

Um, not sure where to start. Just saying "Chubby 4 Tubby" evokes serious mental meanderings not suitable for the workplace. The Web site doesn't appear to be a joke. I ripped the picture off of the 'Show us your Chubby' page. Thankfully, considering I'm on my work computer on company time, there wasn't anything on the link that was out of line.

But, sheesh, can this be a serious Web site? Do we need to resort to pornographic references to sell T-shirts? OMG. I mean, I'm happy the Gophers landed Tubby and all ...... but not that happy!!!


Mark said...

It's poor taste, but given that it's from the same folks that brought us "Brew's Crew" I guess it's not entirely unexpected.

Not quite sure why they have a woman modeling them, though?

Paging Jim Shikenjanski said...

Mark, I was thankful it was a woman modeling the shirts when I clicked the link. I wasn't sure what to expect!!