Thursday, June 7, 2007

No To Noah

According to Senile Sid Hartman, the Timberwolves brought in Florida's Joakim Noah and Washington's Spencer Hawes for workouts. While it has been hard to follow the Wolves in recent years, it's hard not to root for Kevin McHale and Randy Wittman to put a good team alongside Kevin Garnett.

But drafting Noah at #7 is not the answer. Here's what Wittman said of Noah:

"And Joakim Noah is just a phenomenal athlete that can do a lot of the intangibles that any coach loves to see in a person. He runs the floor, he can defend just about any position, is a great energy guy, rebounder, slasher to the basket. So, he's a guy that presents a combination of doing all those little intangibles. Well, we need to get more athletic and bigger, and he's [Noah] big. He's a lot taller than people think watching him on TV. So, yeah, that's what we're trying to look to do from a standpoint of our team is getting bigger and more athletic, and he fits both those bills."
Everything Wittman said about Noah is true. He just forgot to mention that Noah can't shoot free throws and isn't much better aroud the basket offensively.

Is he good enough to be a Ben Wallace type? I'm not sure. He'll need to get a lot stronger. Noah's teammate, Corey Brewer, while not the banger type that KG might beneift by playing with, is the better UF player.