Friday, June 8, 2007

Theories On The Final Episode Of The Sopranos

It's with some sadness that I sit down to write about the series finale of The Sopranos. With two exceptions when I've been on vacation and the first half of the first season, I've watched the premiere of every Sopranos episode. This weekend, a Sunday staple, perhaps more entertaining than the NFL, comes to an end.

I'm going to lay out here a few theories on what might happen. These aren't all my own unique theories. Many of them are conglomerations of what I've read and hear other people predict for the Sopranos finale. I'll lay out a couple theories I find realistic before making my own prediction.

If you haven't seen the most recent episode this season and plan to, stop reading now. What follows will spoil all but the Sopranos finale.

** Tony's son, AJ, goes ballistic. After Tony gets revenge for the death of Bobby and (presumably) Silvio, AJ gets his own revenge. As part of Tony's other family, it has been AJ who has his father's depression. He's been shown a door into his father's world. AJ didn't like what he saw, became even more depressed, and tried to take his own life. While Tony saved AJ from his suicide attempt, he also gave AJ--in my opinion a much deserved--beatdown last week. After Tony gets revenge, and with his mob kingdom now intact again, his real family deserts him. AJ kills Tony before killing himself.

** For what seems like forever, Paulie has been on the outs with Tony. David Chase made it clear in an episode earlier this year that Tony, at least partially, wanted to do away with Paulie. In previous seasons, Paulie flirted with joining the New York crew. Paulie eventually realized he was being played. But Phil Leotardo's decision not to go after Paulie, and instead target just Bobby, Tony and Sil, leaves open the possibility that Paulie could be playing both sides. Paulie turns on Tony, and kills him, leaving Tony's real family in disarray. News of Tony's death gets infuriates AJ and Meadow. One of the two plot revenge for the New Jersey family.

** Carmella's house, which we've learned could fall down at any time, collapses and kills her.

What I think will happen?
For two seasons, David Chase has went out of his way to foreshadow a potential terrorist attack. Tony has worked with federal agents, tipping them off to sucspious activity. At the same time, the feds who were putting together a RICO investigation on Tony have been nowhere to be found during this final season. So, while the war between New York and New Jersey heightens, perhaps the only innocent character left in the show--Meadow--dies in a terrorist attack in New York. The deaths hit home to others as well, making the feud between New York and New Jersey seem relatively meaningless. Tony may or may not take out revenge on Phil before or after the terrorist attack.

I think Chase has spent too much time playing up a potential terrorist attack without following through. It would make sense for Meadow to die, however, considering the show has been about Tony's two families and his relationships with them. Killing off Tony would be too predictable. But giving the famlies a reason to come together, short of a complete mob-on-mob showdown, would make sense.

The show ends with Tony looking off into the distance, much like the photo above. His empire is intact, but his daughter is gone. Solemn ending.

This theory also allows me to use this picture of the gorgeous Jamie-Lynn Sigler.

What I'd really like to see?
A spin-off, with Meadow taking control of the Jersey mob after Tony's death. It'll never happen, so I'll just have to be content with what Chase offers us. Chase is directing the finale. I can't wait, but then again, I almost wish it wasn't happening.


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