Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Reusse Weighs In On Brommer

Star Tribune columnist Patrick Reusse has weighed in on former Gopher commit Andrew Brommer. Reusee seems to echo what many in Gopher forums have perviously suggested, that the Rosemount forward/center might not be Big Ten material.

Here's Reusse:

As last season unfolded, there was a growing sentiment among Minnesota's prep hoops crowd that Brommer did not project as a Big Ten player.

It wasn't a surprise that Brommer had conversations with the new coaching staff and then announced that he was reopening the recruitment process.

There's also doubt about the Gophers' future of Minneapolis Henry senior Al Nolen Jr., a Monson signee. Nolen is waiting for college board scores to see if he's eligible this fall.

Even if he makes it, there's a chance Nolen could be let out of his Minnesota commitment and wind up at a school where his potential for playing time would be greater.

This serves to confirm what many of us already suspected, that Tubby's plans likely didn't include Brommer. In the same article, Reusee takes a shot at Gophers assistant coach Ron Jirsa, criticizing Tubby's #1 assistant for academic woes at Georgia.

The link to Reusee's entire "Between the Quotes" article is here.


Anonymous said...

Jirsa was Georgia coach in 1998 and 1999.

He had the 1996 recruits for 3 years, 1997 recruits for 2, and 1998 recruits for 1 year.

He did not coach the 1999 recruits.

Jim Harrick did. You'll figure it out from there.