Sunday, June 10, 2007

Goodbye Sopranos

David Chase likely pissed a lot of people off Sunday night, with the abrubt ending of The Sopranos. But I thought the episode was a classic.

Up until the curtain dropped, Chase kept viewers on the edge of their seats. The killing of Phil Leotardo was fantastic. Those rooting for Tony certainly cheered when Phil said "Bye-Bye."

I did think the scenes with AJ were strained. Is he depressive? Bored? The Army? Movies? I didn't find it realistic, but I guess when AJ saw some structure, he decided he might like the priveleged life. I would have liked to see him fall completely off the deep end.

Ending the episode, Chase essentially leaves Tony living happily ever after, with his kingdom intact and his family together ... and happy. Concentrate on the good things, AJ quoted his father as saying. A nice and fitting ending. Maybe a three-hour epic on a big screen can fill us in at some point and let us know if Tony and his sone were ever able to find that happiness. Until then, goodbye Sopranos.