Friday, December 7, 2007

BTB Roundtable -- Reviewing The Season That Was

Our friends at Boiled Sports have done the legwork to put together one last Big Ten Bloggers roundtable for the 2007 college football season. The Gophers season, as we all know, was one to forget. But the questions posed below will give an opportunity for both positive and negative reaction.

Here we go ...

1. What was your biggest surprise of the season (positive)?

By the end of the season, the Gophers were playing competitive football. A close loss at Iowa and at home against Wisconsin ended a forgettable 2007 season. But there seemed to be some progress from a player and coaching standpoint. Also, freshman quarterback Adam Weber learned on the job and performed admirably.

2. What was your biggest disappointment of the season?

Not winning one Big Ten game was highly disappointing. I'm not sure many Gopher fans expected such a regression, from the mediocrity of the Glen Mason era to the putridness (is that a word) of the first installment of Brewster-ball. Time will tell if this past season was a sign of things to come, or simply a typical down year when a new coach arrives with new systems.

3. What are you excited about for the '08 season?

The progression of Adam Weber, the younger receivers, and a recruiting class that by all accouts has exceeded anything Glen Mason ever put together.

4. What are you least looking forward to in the '08 season?

Getting excited listening to Brewster talk about roses but then failing to win a conference game.

5. What effect, if any, will a bowl have on Minnesota's football program?

Well, we're at home now. A bowl this season would have been nice. Some Gopher fans will say they tired of the AAA-Popeye's Chicken bowl games. A return to a bowl next season will show immense progress.

6. How and when will Tim Brewster's career end at Minnesota?

Brewster still is enjoying a honeymoon of sorts. While a Fire Tim Brewster site has emerged, most Gopher fans are still pleased Mason is gone. He'll have three to four more years to prove he can coach. He's recruited well so far, despite a one-win season. If he can't win with these players down the line, he'll be kicked to the curb and talked about often in the same breath as Jim Wacker in Gopher football lore.

7. Who frustrated you the most this season?

Tim Brewster. His rhetoric needs to be adjusted to reality. On a national scale, Kirk Herbstreit falls into this category.

8. What team and/or player opponent of Purdue this season was least impressive to you?

They were all sweet. We won one game in overtime against a MAC school. We sucked, they didn't.

9. Despite all the grousing we do, is Minnesota football on the right track (If not, what would get the program back on track)?

Recruting wise, yes. Coaching wise, I think the jury is out. But if I was forced to answer, at this point I'd say no. Brewster needs to show some maturity (not going into Big Ten media day next year talking like he's the next coming of Lou Holtz. Quiet confidence anyone?

10. Looking at next year's schedule, what's your early thought on critical games?

The Florida Atlantic Owls come to the Metrodome in Week 4 next year. Avening that embarrassment in Miami from this season should be considered critical.

11. Does it ever get old making fun of Fat Charlie the Manatee?

If by this question you are referring to Charlie Weis, no. Tim Brewster is good at that, reportedly.

12. Will Minnesota win a football national championship in our lifetime?

Now you're just upsetting me with these questions.

13. What is more likely for the Gophers and why: a football championship or a basketball championship?

A basketball championship. Why? Tubby Smith. Also, it wasn't too long ago Bobby Jackson and company were in the Final Four. Granted, we cheated to make that happen. But still, Gopher basketball has a much better track record.

14. After Brewster retires (or is fired), would you rather get a coach that is a better recruiter or is a better game day coach?

I'm leaning towards game-day coach. Glen Mason was neither. So Brewster at least is an improvement in the recruiting department. Is the combination of good game-day coach and good recruiter too much to ask?

15. If you had to choose another coach from the Big Ten to coach Minnesota, who would you pick?

A sentimental choice, I'd choose Joe Paterno. Love him. Respect him. Always have. As the saying goes, he's forgotten more about football than our current coach may ever know. But since he's 104 years old, it's not anything more than sentimental. Aside from JoePa, I'd agree with the boys at Boiled Sports in suggesting that if Ron Zook can turn around Illinois, he could do the same at Minnesota.


lurker said...

Tim Brewster is the modern day equivalent of Jim Wacker. Embrace it.

Brewster will get caught said...

Zook will be nailed by the NCAA for some illegal recruiting violations within the next few years. Look for the same from Brewster at Minnesota.

Joel Jr. said...

Why did Maturi do this to the U?