Monday, December 17, 2007

A Golden Gophers Retrospective: A Preview

The year that was for University of Minnesota athletics will be one we'll look back to years from now either with joy or a more angry expression. So, in the next two weeks, I'm going to rewind the clock and review the year gone by, noting highlights and low-lights, while still mixing in regularly scheduled coverage.

We'll review Joel Maturi's decision to fire Glen Mason after the Insight Bowl debacle. We'll look at the season that was for Tim Brewster and the beginning of the Tubby Smith era. And with that in mind, we'll look back at the Dan Monson/Jim Molinari era. We'll also wonder aloud why our women's hockey coach decided to resign? You get the idea.

In the end, I'll name a "Gopher of the Year," and "Vermin of the Year," the latter being a title many University of Minnesota public figures will seek to avoid in the year's to come. I'd call it the annual awards, but it would be gramatically incorrect to do so. Next year, when Tim Brewster wins his second "Vermin of the Year Award," we'll call it an annual extravaganza. Shit, I just gave away the award winner before the PJS selection committee has gathered. In all seriousness, there's still time to sway the committee's decision. So, if you have a nominee for either Gopher or Vermin of the year, do drop PJS an email at

The first post in the year in review will turn the calendar back to the beginning of January, when Glen Mason was given his walking papers.


Alex said...

Tubby has to be in contention for Gopher of the year. He single-handedly brought the Gopher basketball team out from the dumpster to a point where the student section fills up 20 minutes before tipoff. This might not sound like anything, but comparing it to last year is ridiculous.

I mean, sure. Half the fans in the stands only know who Tubby is and "that Jamal Shamalala guy," but the first thing in building a top program is building a dedicated following, educated or not. The difference between years is huge, and it can be mostly attributed to Tubby.