Friday, December 7, 2007

Dennis Green: You Are Who We Thought You Were

And that would be a kook.

That descriptor isn't used lightly. But when someone takes perhaps their most un-flattering moment, where they come across as someone Nurse Ratched should be observing, and brings that back into the public eye, um, yeah, that would be considered kooky.

Dennis Green is trying to capitalize on his post-game meltdown last year after his Cardinals blew a large lead against the Chicago Bears. And by capitalizing, I mean that Green is apparently going to try and trademark the phrase "They Are Who We Thought They Were."

This would fall into the category of simply not being able to make it up. Here's the YouTube clip in case you are in need of a good laugh.

I say, why not take it one step further. The Sheriff could take his desire to capitalize on his insanity by trademarking "High Performance Helicopter." Another Denny Green conundrum.

(HT-AOL FanHouse)