Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Good For Patrick Reusse

As I reported the other day, Star Tribune columnist Patrick Reusse was the subject of some criticism from our passionate basketball friends in Kentucky for incorrectly reporting that Jai Lucas and Patrick Patterson had given "verbal commitments" to Tubby Smith while he was in charge of the commonwealth's beloved Wildcats.

But in a article titled "Merry Christmas, Big Blue Nation," Reusse admitted that he made an error in the article and spelled out for us how he came to make said error. Kudos to Reusse for settling this for the record. In the article linked above, Reusse states that he was told by the University of Minnesota SID that Tubby was never given a commitment but felt "very confident" Lucas and Patterson would be coming to UK.

Here's Reusse:

So, I stuck with "verbal commitment,'' figuring that "very confident'' was simply another version of "VC'' in recruit-speak.

Several hundred e-mails later, and a short item in a Kentucky newspaper with Patterson denying a "verbal commitment'' to Tubby, this goes down as an error.

While I commend the correction, I got more enjoyment out of what came next. Reusse pointed to the top-10 recruiting class Tubby has inked to come to Williams Arena, and ... well, I'll let Reusse speak for himself.

Meantime, we would like to let Big Blue Nation know that up here in the Frozen North we're just as happy as pigs in slop with what we're seeing from Tubby as a coach -- and as a recruiter, with his five-player group of early signees.

In fact, Billy G. should bring his anticipated endless supply of four-star recruits up here to see us in our old Barn one of these next Decembers. Tubby will show his successor the proper etiquette for stool-sitting on our historic elevated floor, and we'll all have a good old time.

A correction, a challenge and the use of "pigs in slop" in the same article! God bless Patrick Reusse! That brightened my Christmas before it began. I think UK fans and Minnesota fans could agree on this fact: A home and home between the Tubby-led Gophers and Gillispie-led Wildcats make for some good viewing.

UPDATE 12/26, 2:30 p.m.: Tru at A Sea of Blue didn't enjoy Reusse's correction quite as mich as I did. It's worth a read.


Friend Of Tubby said...

Nice article by PR.

I met Lucas' Dad at O'Hare Airport on Sept 28th. He knows my stepdaughter from her WNBA playing days.

Let's just say I'm Quite Sure Jai Lucas Was UK Bound before Tubby left. 100% sure of it.

GregJ said...

That very well may be true. But as a UK alum, I'm 100% sure I'd rather have Billy Gillispie than Jai Lucas and Tubby Smith. Tubby will take Minnesota to heights it's never reached before, but I'm still extremely happy he left.

Friend Of Tubby said...

Minnesota made FF in 1997 and was a solid B10 contender from 1950's thru 1990's (my lifetime) but not in 2000's (so far).

I'm happy Tubby is at Minnesota, too. He desrves better than the crap he got in Lexington.

But Tubby & Jai are > Gillispie.

PJS said...

If Gillispie is really the jerk many are making him out to be, then FOT you are surely right when you wrote:

"Tubby & Jai are > Gillispie."

Friend Of Tubby said...

Gillispie is a fine coach. Tubby better (now) because he has more experience. Off the court, well...

UK won 1 NCAA title in last 10 years.
UK won 7 NCAA titles in 69 years of NCAA tourney.
UK won 3 NCAA titles in 35 years of Post-Rupp era.
UK won 6 NCAA titles in 59 years before OTS.

UK averages 1 NCAA title every 10 years.

UK won or shared 5 SEC titles in last 10 years.
UK won or shared 43 SEC titles in 75 years of SEC conference.
UK won or shared 16 SEC titles in 35 years of Post-Rupp era.
UK won or shared 38 SEC titles before OTS.

UK averages 1 SEC title every 2 years.

UK won 5 SECT championships in last 10 years.
UK won 25 of 49 SECT ever played.
UK won 12 of 29 SECT in Post-Rupp era.
UK won 20 of 39 SECT before OTS.

UK averages 1 SECT championship every 2 years.

UK was 263-83 (76%) in last 10 years.
UK has won 1955 of 2570 (76%) games all-time.
UK has won 611 of 806 (75.8%) games in the Post-Rupp era.
UK won 1687 of 2214 (76.2%) games before OTS.

UK averages 76% (#1 ever) W-L record.

UK was 23-9 (71.9%) in NCAA games last 10 years.
UK is 100-44 (69.4%) in NCAA games all-time.
UK is 70-26 (72.9%) in NCAA games in the Post-Rupp era.
UK was 77-35 (68.8%) in NCAA games before OTS.

Tubby measures up to UK standards overall.