Saturday, December 29, 2007

Saturday Links: Wisconsin, Kentucky, RSIII

Wisconsin good. Kentucky really bad.

** If you missed it, Kentucky lost Saturday to the University of San Diego. Not San Diego State. No, the Toreros of USD. The loss drops Billy Gillispie's squad to 5-6. The Wildcats lost two starters from a season ago when Tubby Smith led the Wildcats to a 22-11 record (9-7 in SEC play). As we all know, that wasn't good enough and some Wildcats fans labeled our basketball savior "ten-loss Tubby." John Clay reports that UK was booed as the final horn sounded.

** Meanwhile, our annoying friends to the east, Bo Ryan's Wisconsin Badgers, demonstrated with a thrilling victory at Texas Saturday that they will be a factor in the Big Ten this season. Michael Flowers came up very large with a game-changing three and then a game-stealing steal. The Wisconsin Sports Bar says YESSSSSSSSSSSS. The win at Texas should indicate the Badgers are ready for Big Ten play. The Badgers finish the non-conference schedule with a 10-2 mark, with blemishes coming at Duke and at home against in-state rival Marquette.

** One more item to pass along to you. After a brief hiatus from action--the boy was sick--Ralph Sampson III led his Northview team to a win Friday in the Arby's Classic in Bristol, Tenn. Sampson shot 7-9 from the floor for 19 points (This is good, considering the final score was 42-29). Sampson also grabbed eight rebounds and blocked seven shots. And today, Sampson continued his strong play with 21 points, 11 boards and eight blocks in a losing effort.

As an aside, I nearly drove 5 hours to Bristol to catch this tournament. For various reasons, I decided against it but was pleased I did when I learned that Sampson missed the first game of the tournament Wednesday with bronchitis.


alex said...

Nice new banner, although it seems out of place with the rest of the layout. Maybe thats just because its a change though. Regardless, I like the way it looks.

Also, watching Kentucky lose earlier today was hilarious. I mean, I really have nothing against them, but the way they ran Tubby out of town was pretty sickening. Sure, I say this as an outsider, but still...

PJS said...

Just put up a new banner. I had one earlier I hated, so I came up with this one.

I tend to like it, if I can figure out the HTML to make the lines on each side of the blog not run into the banner itself.

And I think a lot of Minny fans are enjoying the travails of UK.

Friend Of Tubby said...

Tubby left on his own for a better opportunity for him. Good 4 him!

Tubby > Gillispie as a coach. But 11 games is way too early to punt.

Any friend of Tubby (including this one) is happy to see him doing well and smiling again.

PJS said...

Let's hope Tubby is smiling tonight after the UNLV game.