Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Blogpoll Initial Ballot

UCLA drops out because they were embarrassed. I moved USC up one notch because I believe the win at Nebraska is better than any victory thus far by the Sooners. I dropped Texas one notch--was tempted to go down farther--after the scare at Central Florida.

Penn State remains the highest ranked Big 10 team, followed by Ohio State and Wisconsin. I was--for the first time this year--impressed by a Big 10 team when Ohio State handled Washington on the road.

Alabama and Nick Saban make their first appearance here after a very entertaining win against Arkansas. The Razorbacks stay in the poll because it is a rivalary game and I thought for the most part they played well. Same goes for Louisville. The loss at Kentucky hurts any national title hopes, but the Cardinals lost to their biggest rival. No game matters more in the Bluegrass state than Louisville v. Kentucky.

I'm moving Purdue into the rankings this week, in part becuase I foresee them putting up 60+ against the Golden Gophers this week.

Thoughts? Critiques? Have at it.


2Southern Cal 1
3Oklahoma 1
4West Virginia--
6California 2
7Texas 1
8Penn State 2
10Oregon 3
11Ohio State 5
12Wisconsin 3
13South Carolina 7
14Boston College 5
15Alabama 11
16Cincinnati 10
17Clemson 9
18South Florida--
19Louisville 12
20Arkansas 9
21Purdue 5
23Texas A&M--
24Virginia Tech 1
25Kentucky 1

Dropped Out: UCLA (#12), Nebraska (#14), Georgia Tech (#17), Tennessee (#21), Washington (#24).