Thursday, September 13, 2007

Mostly Not Useful Tidbits About Florida Atlantic

While the reporters in Minnesota pump out stories about the Gophers preparing for the Florida heat and how Florida is a key for recruiting, I instead will provide you with some random tidbits about Florida Atlantic University. These tidbits will be almost completely useless pieces of information. I'll follow-up sometime in the next day or two with a look at FAU's football team.

Location: Boca Raton, Fla.
Coach: Howard Schnellenberger, formerly of the University of Oklahoma, University of Louisville, University of Miami and the NFL's Baltimore Colts.
Program: Schnellenberger started the football program in 2001 and had the Owls playing at the D1-AA level until 2005 when the Owls moved the D1-A in 2005 as a member of the Sun Belt Conference.
Record vs. BCS Teams: 0-11. Our Mole Rats certainly don't want to have the distinction of being the Owls' first victim.
Series: Minnesota leads 1-0 after a 46-7 drudging in 2005 in the Metrodome.
Nickname: Owls. I'd like to have a contest here to come up with a new nickname to mock the Owls considering a Sun-Sentinel writer is referring to our lads as Mole Rats.
Highlight Video: Brought to you by the FAU fan club known as the prOWLers. Not bad, actually. Notice in the video that there are about 7 people in the stands during last season's game at Dolphin Stadium--where the Gophs will face the Owls.

If You're Going To The Game And Want To Party With The College Kids: Here's a suggestion.
Suggestion #2: Avoid this guy.

Alumni/Former Students: According to Wiki, former California gubernatorial candidate and porn star Mary Carey attended FAU. She was apparently on the FAU dance team briefly before starting to work as an exoctic dancer. Carey told MSNBC's Keith Olbermann that she was a theater major before, um, taking a different direction. Comedian Carrot Top also attended FAU. I have decided to give you a picture of Mary Carey instead of Carrot Top. It was a tough decision.

I told you I was enjoying Florida Atlantic week. And for those of you who like actual insight into opponents, I'll bring that soon. But I'm still not going to write about the Gophers turning up the heat to prepare for the temperatures in Florida!


Anonymous said...

FAU 35

Gophers 14

Mark said...

I wonder if Brother Micah has any relationship with Brother Jed?

Anonymous said...

So, the mighty Big Ten bites another one. Having started college at that Big Ten Football powerhouse, Indiana, I graduated from Florida Atlantic University in 1970. We had no sports teams, we protested building a swimming pool instead of buying books for the library, we had no freshman or sophomore class. Just juniors, seniors and grad students.
Sports at FAU have come a long way, even if todays victory was over the mole rats.