Saturday, September 22, 2007

Open Thread -- Purdue At Minnesota

I'm not going to be able to liveblog the game Saturday as I am typically wont to do because the lady friend and I have to move our entire life into a brand new home. Kinda exciting stuff but also one big pain in the ass. So, instead of liveblogging this game, I leave this thread open to you all to talk amongst yourselves. Unless the BTN replays the game, I won't get to see it, so do leave me descriptive highlights!

And please make sure to mention if Tim Brewster is seen lying on the Metrodome turf again.

For what it's worth, I predict the following: The Boilermakers flirt with 70 points but settle for a 64-42 win.


lonebadger said...

No way you guys get 42.

PJS said...

You're probably right, lb. It was more wishful thinking. If you look at the poll to the right, only 1.9 percent of PJS readers believe the Gophs will hold Purdue under 40. Isn't that sad?

lonebadger said...

You have to admit, this is probably the worst possible matchup for you guys. Gophs can't stop the pass and Purdue has a good QB and great receivers running a system that they are all familiar with. Purdue will give lots of teams fits this year.

Tom said...

In your absence I'll give take the live blogging torch for a week.

>Gopher Nation

WWWWWW said...

I don't see Tom's, but I've been running a second half one over at

It's not very insightful though.

Erik said...

I almost cried.

We're so fucking close to being non-terrible it just kills me. If we had a couple of defensive secondary folks who could catch a ball thrown to them, or follow a receiver on his route, or not drop a ball that they are in fact carrying, we would be in a position to win a lot more games.

I'm about to write off this season (I'll wait for a more traditional Big-10 foe), but I'm still cautiously optimistic about the medium- and long-term future.

lonebadger said...

This game proves one of two things. Either NCAA football is so unpredictable that no one knows what one team will do one week to the next or...I'm a complete moron and have no idea what I'm talking about. Minnesota just might get 42! There, I've opened myself up big time there. Let me have it.

PJS said...

I followed the game on my PDA last night (and am on it now) ... I was shocked to see us outscore Purdue in the second half. Hopefully the DirecTV folks have my stuff set up so I can watch the BTN's replay of it, if they do one.

Writing off this season is probably the right thing to do, Erik, but we can watch as this team matures. The secondary isn't going to get worse (excepte for when Dominique graduates) and Weber is only going to improve.