Monday, September 3, 2007

Blogpoll: Week 1

I'm going to resist making the first blogpoll after Week 1 be the first entry for Tim Brewster's maroon and gold. It's a tempting proposition, but I'm aiming for credibility here.

Michigan drops out completely. I watched most of this game, and while I feel Appy State would beat Minnesota by 35, Michigan deserves to be embarrassed by the showing. You can't be the first blogpoll ranked team to lose to an FCS opponent and not get kicked out of said blogoll.

Other changes: Virginia Tech falls back because they looked awful against ECU. I watched this game for awhile before Appy State and Michigan became Game of the Century material. If ECU could have come up with some semblence of an offense, or avoided that first half interception return, the Hokies could have been upset in Blacksburg. They'll need to be much improved this week at LSU.

Texas drops and Oklahoma rises for obvious reasons. Texas squeaked by against Arkansas State and Oklahoma put up 79 in their first outing. The Longhorns will have to play much, much better to beat TCU next week (Can't wait for this one!). The Horned Frogs' dominating defense shut down Baylor to keep them in a nice position in PJS' poll.

Wisconsin had a chance to jump up a spot with the lackluster play of Texas, but I found their performance against Washington State to be less than stellar. It was an OK win, but they let Washington State hang around way too long.

Tennessee falls because of its loss at Cal. But the Vols will be back and they deserve credit for scheduling this series with the Golden Bears.

I bashed Georgia earlier this year but they came out in a big way and walked over Oklahoma State. Was I wrong? I'm thinking I was and am getting Georgia in at #20 this week.

At the bottom, Boston College moves up a couple notches for its win against previously ranked Wake Forest. And I was tempted to move up Oregon State after its impressive win against Utah. But they will stay where they are for now.

As always, let me know what you think. This can be tweaked until Wednesday. And I'm all in favor of an argument for why I should rank the Golden Gophers.


1Southern Cal--
2West Virginia--
5Oklahoma 3
7Texas 2
8Louisville 2
9California 2
10Ohio State 3
11Virginia Tech 4
12Arkansas 2
13TCU 2
14Hawaii 2
15Rutgers 4
16Tennessee 4
19Nebraska 1
20Georgia 6
21Penn State--
22Boston College 3
23Oregon State--
25Boise State 1

Dropped Out: Michigan (#9), Wake Forest (#22).


lonebadger said...

Welcome back. I was getting worried about you. Maybe you should rank them all the way to 119. That way the Gophers would have a shot at getting ranked some time later this season. PSU looked impressive. Maybe a one or two spot jump was earned. Obviously it is hard to tell this early in the season, but that's half the fun.

Not David Derush said...

Why are you not giving Rutgers and Louisville respect PJS?


PJS said...

lonebadger, I didn't go this far down obviously, but the Gophers are ranked #178, right before Eau Claire and right after the University of Minnesota at Duluth.

Erik said...

I think you give Wisconsin insufficient credit. Washington State is very much a legitimate opponent. Five snaps go differently and they'd have been 8-4 last year.

PJS said...

Good point. But is #6 still not pretty decent for them?

Erik said...

They sure showed a lot more than any of the other teams in the top 10. I sure haven't seen much come from LSU other than hype, for example - their O-line got dominated by MissSt and every one of those interceptions was thrown right to a Tiger corner.

Erik said...

A lot more than any of the teams above them, rather. I'd entertain an argument for Cal being just as impressive as Wisconsin.