Saturday, September 1, 2007

Game Day! A Look At Bowling Green

The Bowling Green Falcons struggled to a 4=8 record last year.

They open the season at the Metrodome sporting an exciting offense and a competent defense. They have a versatile, dual-threat quarterback by the name of Anthony Turner who is praised for his ability to run the spread offense. Sophmore running back Chris Bullock leads the stable of backs lining up beside Turner. While Bullock is described as a potential gamebreaker, the Falcons have a more intersting offensive weapon.

This from SI's team preview: "The hard-to-define Freddie Barnes, who the Falcons will line up at receiver, running back, quarterback or in the slot, caught 20 passes and rushed for 405 yards and nine touchdowns."

I admit not knowing much more than I've read about the Falcons. But Barnes sounds to me like someone who in the past would give Gopher defenses fits.

The Falcons were young on defense in 2006 and allowed more than 140 rushing yards per game. But the Falcons, with a secondary almost entirely comprised of freshman and sophmores last year, held their own. The Falcons were 22nd nationally in pass defense.

The Falcons are coached by Gregg Brandon, who is 30-19 in his four-year stint at the MAC school. Brandon is the coach that replaced Urban Meyer when the former Falcons coach headed south to Florida. Brandon suffered through his first down year in 2006, but on paper it would look as if last year was an expected rebuilding year.

The Falcons have 14 starters back from last year, which might give them some edge coming into the Dome tonight. They know what to expect from Brandon. Gophers players will be going to war for Tim Brewster for the first time.

Back later with predictions and game previews. A couple upsets brewsing right now. ECU up on Virginia Tech? Michigan in a battle? Setting up to be a great opening Saturday in college football.


Erik said...

It ought to be said that BGSU's pass defense was highly ranked in part because many teams pounded the ball for the entire second half. Poor teams often have unnaturally highly ranked pass defenses, regardless of the actual quality of said defense.

PJS said...

True, Erik.

But rush defense was a bigger weakness for BGSU than its pass defense was.

Anonymous said...

Gophers 27
Bowling Green 24