Sunday, September 9, 2007

Blogpoll Week 3

So, I went a little crazy with the blogpoll.

After LSU dismantled Virginia Tech (which I predicted!) the Tigers vault over USC for the number one spot. The Tigers looked head and shoulders above the Hokies. Through two weeks, in my opinion no team has looked better. Oklahoma also looked incredibly impressive for the second straight week, this time against Miami. I watched parts of both games and was thoroughly impressed.

USC drops to #3 even though they didn't play. They'll have a chance to move back up. West Virginia looked a little shaky in the first half against Marshall, but did enough to stay in the top 5.

I dropped Wisconsin 9 spots because they were thoroughly unimpressive against UNLV, in a game I watched while falling asleep. Penn State catapults Big Ten foes Wisconsin and Ohio State because I think the Nittany Lions have looked more impressive than either team so far. A frequent commenter here had suggested I had them too low, and I agree.

Oregon moves way up the rankings for the thorough domination of Michigan. Time will tell how impressive that victory was, but Dennis Dixon looked amazing and the Ducks were far more athletic at every position. I'm liking the PAC 10 this year--sans that Oregon State embarrassment last week.

Hawaii falls for being scared by Louisiana Tech. Ohio State falls for struggling in the first half against Akron. South Carolina makes its debut after the Ole Ball Coach won a squeaker at Georgia.

South Florida makes its debut after upsetting Auburn (another prediction!). Virginia Tech stays in the rankings, but just barely. I was not impressed with their performance against ECU in week one and they mailed it in Saturday night against LSU. Frank Beamer should go full-time with the young dual-threat quarterback Tyrod Taylor. Virginia Tech gets this spot over Cincinatti, TCU, Clemson and Georgia.

The last couple weeks I didn't do this until Tuesday, which didn't give me time to make changes. But I have until Wednesday at 10 a.m. to make adjustments, so let me know what you think. We're moving things around this week!


1LSU 2
2Oklahoma 3
3Southern Cal 2
4West Virginia 2
5Florida 1
6Texas 1
7Louisville 1
8California 1
9Rutgers 6
10Penn State 11
11Arkansas 1
12UCLA 6
13Oregon 11
14Nebraska 5
15Wisconsin 9
16Ohio State 6
17Georgia Tech 9
18South Florida 8
19Boston College 3
20South Carolina 6
21Tennessee 5
22Hawaii 8
23Texas A&M 3
24Washington 2
25Virginia Tech 14

Dropped Out: TCU (#13), Auburn (#17), Georgia (#20), Oregon State (#23), Boise State (#25).
Newcomers: Washington, South Carolina, Texas A&M, South Florida


Jon Marthaler said...

Your ballot and mine are starting to resemble each other. I am surprised, however, that Penn State moved up eleven spots for beating a Notre Dame team that's universally acknowledged to be horrible.

Not that I have a better solution, but that was the thing that jumped out at me.

PJS said...

Penn State is tough for me to judge. I moved them way up because I think they've been the most impressive Big Ten team. Part of the move was that I am buying into the argument I had them too low to begin with.

And maybe it's not that Penn State has been impressive as it is that all other Big Ten teams have been unimpressive.

lonebadger said...

I have no problem with you dropping Wisconsin in your poll but... Last week Texas won AT HOME 21-13 over Arkansas State and you only dropped them two spots. What's gives?

PJS said...

I guess the fact that I watched the Wisconsin game--and hadn't seen Texas until Saturday night. Like I said, I went a little crazy this week. :-)

In other news...I love Chad Johnson!

Not David Derush said...

the marion barber argument has been made