Friday, September 14, 2007

Former Tubby Commit To Play For Alford

Tubby Smith's first verbal committment at Minnesota is now heading to play for Steve Alford in New Mexico, according to the Alburquerque Tribune. Garth is now verbally committed to play for Alford and the Lobos.

Garth previously said that he decided to back away from his committment to the Gophers because playing time was likely not what it was once suggested it would be. Last month, Garth told a Minnesota Gopher's forum the following:

"This re-opening was not basketball related. Coach Smith never doubted my talent or game. It was something I wanted to do and Coach Smith was supportive of my decision. Since the roster at Minnesota has changed with Al Nolen being qualified, he told me the opportunities I was presented before, were different now."
Since taking over the program, Tubby has landed just one recruit: Paul Carter. Tubby has let Andrew Brommer go in a different direction after he verball committed to Dan Monson. Brommer is now being recruited by mid-major type programs.

While it kinda-sorta worries me that Tubby has just one solid commit at this point, Tubby is bringing in some top talent to visit, most recently 7'4 Ralph Sampson III and Colten Iverson, who is being recruited by Florida, among others. I have my fingers crossed that both give a verbal soon.

For more on the Gophers upcoming season, check out Tom's take at Gopher Nation where he asks "What does the hire of Tubby Smith mean for the 2007-08 Golden Gopher basketball season?"


Not David Derush said...

it's football season. You've yet to make a prediction about tomorrow's game.

Why? Let's hear it. Do they Gophers win?

I've watched each gopher game and I have to say, gophers v syracuse would be a great game.