Saturday, September 1, 2007

Bowling Green at Minnesota

I'm going to update this throughout the game with thoughts.

Pregame: Tim Brewster gives his first pregame press conference. He indicates he is "excited." Surprising stuff. I do like Brewster's look with the white hat with a maroon 'M' and white shirt. Bowling Green gets the ball to start the game so we'll get a look at Everett Withers' defense first.

First Quarter

Bowling Green First Possession: Yuck! Bowling Green throws four times, completes four passes, culminating in a 53-yard score. That's not a good start for the Brewster era. Everett Withers sent extra rushers after Bowling Green's quarterback, but on each occasion they didn't get to the quarterback in time, leaving receivers to run free in our apparently soft secondary. Bowling Green 7, Minnesota 0.

Minnesota First Posession: Redshirt freshman quarterback Adam Weber has looked calm, though he hasn't really been put under any pressure. He's basically throwing quickly after three step drops. Offensive coordinator Mike Dunbar has tried to use Weber's speed a little but the Gophers haven't been able to gain any traction on the ground. Brewster was poised to go for a 4th and 1 on the Falcon 45, but a false start forced a punt. A very unimpressive first possession. Bowling Green 7, Minnesota 0.

Bowling Green Second Possession: More of the same in this possession. The Falcons are doing whatever they want. Concerns about the Minnesota secondary were well stated. It looks like the Burnsville Blaze could run roughshod over the Gophers' defense. The Falcons score again on a trick play, a reverse then throw back to the quarterback. This is getting ugly quickly. Tim Brewster's honeymoon may end before he's done coaching his first quarter. Bowling Green 14, Minnesota 0.

Minnesota Second Possession: Harold Howell makes his debut on kick returns and looks shifty and quick. True freshman Troy Herndon drops a pass. Three-and-out. Not pretty again. Bowling Green 14, Minnesota 0.

Bowling Green Third Possession: Well, the defense held. That's a start and a first in the Brewster era. BGSU was set back by a couple penalties. Brewster looks pissed on the sideline. Bowling Green 14, Minnesota 0.

Minnesota Third Possession: Finally some life on offense! An option sets up Amir Pinnix for a 58 yard jaunt. But Adam Weber drops the next snap and gives the ball back to BGSU. Wonder if he has small hands problems like Daunte Culpepper did? BGSU 14, Minnesota 0.

Second Quarter: I'm going to stop updating by possession because I'm getting physically ill here. I'll keep adding my thoughts as the Bowling Green domination continues.

** In the last two Minnesota possessions Adam Weber has followed a good play with a horrible decision. Last time he fumbled a snap. This time, after a great catch by Ernie Wheelright, Weber throws a pick. The pass did hit Wheelright on the fingertips, and it looked like he kind of short armed the reception to avoid a big hit. Not good for Wheelright. The pass was also not great either. This is not a good debut for Weber at this point. Meanwhile BGSU has decided to scorch us for awhile on the ground.

** BGSU has given the Gophers numerous chances. After the quick 14-0 start, BGSU has been plagued by penalities and dropped passes. There is plenty of time to get back in this game. Adam Weber needs to start showing us why Brewster picked him over experienced junior Tony Mortensen.

** Big Ten Network announcer Jim Kelly just said Adam Weber looks "rattled." That's being kind. He's 5-for-12 by my count and the few passes he has completed have been on quick three step drops. If Brewster remains true to his word and doesn't have a quick leash with Weber, it could be a very long night. Speaking of the BTN, some of you are probably pleased you don't have to be watching this right now.

** Dual-threat BGSU quarterback Anthony Turner made his 2007 debut down near the goal line and promptly ran in a third BGSU score. The BTN camera crew just panned up to the student section. The youngsters who came out in part because of Brewster's enthusiasm are now encoutnering a product that looks unprepared. This is the exact opposite of how Tim Brewster wanted to begin his tenure. Ugly. Bowling Green 21, Minnesota 0.

Halftime. I'm going to drink heavily during halftime. The line above in bold explains my current mood.

Third Quarter. The lads get the ball first. I'm trying to remain a little positive.

** Ohhhhh, there it was. The first chorus of boos in 2007. Last year the boos were accompanied by "Fire Mason" chants. It would seem they are booing Adam Weber who has been awful all evening. Since the first quarter our defense has been OK--not good, but OK. It's been Weber and the offense that has been repulsive. It's going to be hard for the Gophers to win any games this year if we don't play to our strength: running the ball.

** The Gophers culiminated their best drive of the game with a 5-yard Amir Pinnix touchdown. The Gophers moved the ball the way they have the past several years .... on the ground. Adam Weber has looked awful throwing, but he's been OK when he has used his legs. The drive consisted of runs by both Pinnix and Weber. The passing game was not part of the drive's success. There is no reason Pinnix shouldn't be pounded the rest of this game. It's our best vehicle to move the ball. Run the option. Let Weber use his legs instead of his arm. BGSU 21, Minnesota 7.

** The Gophers have come with a much better game-plan in the second half. In their second and third possessions in the third quarter, the Gophers have pounded the ball on the ground with Pinnix and used the established run to set up the pass. Weber has been OK running the option. Brewster's Gophers are moving the ball similarly to Glen Mason's Gophers. The only difference is, Mason's Gophers handed it off and ran left, middle or right. Brewster's Gophers are using Weber's athleticism to run from the spread. BGSU 21, Minnesota 7.

Fourth Quarter. Gophers in the red zone and need to finish the current drive.

** Cue the Rouser! Weber begins the final quarter with a quick wideout screen to Ernie Wheelright for six. BGSU 21, Minnesota 14.

** Everett Withers' defense bent but didn't break. On an important third down in Gophers territory, Withers sent a big blitz which made BGSU quarterback Tyler Sheehan make a quick, poor decision. Falcons missed the field goal and now we have a chance to tie this thing. BGSU 21, Minnesota 14.

** A third straight drive where the Gophers used the run to set up the pass led to a tying score. This time a short screen pass from 5 yards from Weber to Pinnix. I hammered Weber in the first half. He deserved it. To his credit, he's calmed down. That can be attributed to the change in game plan from Tim Brewster and Mike Dunbar. Instead of pass first, the Gophers have been run first. Pinnix has been a stud. And when he's needed a breather, the pass has been there. BGSU 21, Minnesota 21.

** The defense has its best stand of the game and the offense continues with what has been successful: Pinnix and Weber on the ground. A 33 yard field goal gives Minnesota a 24-21 lead with about 2 minutes to play. Can the D hold?

** So, the defense was playing great, flying around, attacking BGSU quarterback Tyler Sheehan. Then, we start sitting back in a prevent, rushing only three. Sheehan begins to pick the defense apart and now we are staring at overtime. BGSU 24, Minnesota 24.

Freakin Overtime

** That was quick. Two runs for Amir Pinnix and the Gophers get 7. Now we need a quick turnover so I can turn off this damn television, go to the bar, make fun of my buddy who graduated from Michigan and have too many beers. I have priorities, people. Minnesota 31, BGSU 24

** Oh shit. BGSU takes two plays to score. Are they going for two? I have no faith in our defense to stop a two point conversion. We'd probably sit back and rush three.

** Two point conversion good. Gophers lose. Brewster seen laying on Metrodome turf. Brewster's honeymoon over. This was not the way he wanted to start his tenure. It's early, but the Gophers need these nonconference games to become bowl eligible. This loss is a setback, even if there were positives in the game. Wonder how excited Brewster is going to be at the post game presser?


Anonymous said...

Bowling Green at Minnesota -14

You can set your watch to the way Minnesota’s season unfolds every year. They start the season by playing a bunch of cupcakes and win each game by an average margin of 8,293 pts. Then they play either Michigan or Ohio State and get throttled. It’s the same exact script every time. And every time I’m there to clean up. It’s like betting with that book from Back to the Future with the results already it.

The Pick – Minnesota, barely

Chris said...

Gotta admit, I wasn't expecting this type of performance.

Erik said...

God, please. Not two of these in one day.

PJS said...

It's not looking pretty.

Erik said...

My advice to us all is to start drinking heavily.

Tim Brewster said...

Don't worry guys, I'll give the boys a pep talk at half time. We'll come out like a junk yard dog at a meathouse, or something. Yeah. I'm excited. You should be too!

Anonymous said...

erik, you can't compare this Gophers lost to what happened in Michigan. The Gophers are about equal with the eagles.

This isn't an upset. Time to turn the channel to the California-Tenn game folks. the gophers are done

PJS said...

I just about spit out my beer. Thanks for making an appearance Tim!

Anon...You might be right about the Cal-Tenn game.

Erik said...

Oh anonymous, I didn't mean to compare the games in terms of upset magnitude. Just stomach-punch magnitude (I'm no Michigan fan, but it was an embarrassment for the conference).

gopherguy said...

All of a sudden its a ball game. I'm not confident our defense can hold.

Erik said...


Forgive me football gods for being so callously dismissive of a team that is new to me.

Anonymous said...

Well, you can blame this on the defensive coordinator. Prevent defense with less than a minute left? Rush the damn quarterback and make him throw it in 2 seconds. Pitiful.

PJS said...

Erik, You a new Gopher fan? Welcome, there are now 13 of us.

Erik said...

Well I figured Arizona State just fired their football and men's BB coaches in the last twelve months, so I ought to fit right in.

Not David Derush said...

holy crap.

That was the worst defense for a two point conversion I have seen in a long, long time.

That was disgusting. That ball floated like a cute little bird.

Points I want to make:
1. Gophers need to learn how to tackle.
2. Defensive coach should be fired.
3. RUN THE BALL! You've got a speedy RB
4. RUSH RUSH RUSH! Playing prevent when you're winning is stupid. Tied, maybe. But when you are up by three, and playing Bowling Green, they're looking for a field goal. No need to prevent. RUSH THAT QB

Wow. Gophers suck.

lonebadger said...

Now, now boys. Patience. Brewster needs time to instill his philosophies and get the players believing in his system. Sooner or later that enthusiasm of his will inspire greatness.
(lonebadger snickers as he clicks 'publish your comment')

Anonymous said...

A quarterback playing his first meaningful game in 21 months. An offense that was predicated on two running backs and two tight ends now taking 90 percent of its snaps from the shotgun. A defense that's been awful since 1999 isn't going to change overnight. All you need to know...Jamal Harris and Desi Steib as starting cornerbacks with a true freshman and a former receiver who's been in the position for three weeks as their backups.

Anonymous said...

Apparently, PJS is in hiding after the embarrassing loss Saturday. He has been very very quiet.


PJS said...

You're partly correct, Greg. I've thought about posting the positives and negatives from Saturday, but I'm still trying to calm down.

So, I'll be back sometime tomorrow probably with a new blogpoll. Making fun of Michigan will help. By Wednesday I should be ready to address all of the horrible decisions made by Brew's Crew in Week one.

I was hoping it would be like year two or three before I start referring to Brewster as "Punky." But the Bowling Green loss may have expedited the nickname.