Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Blogpoll Ballot Week 7

Last week we played who is #2. Today we play who is #1. I went with South Florida over LSU and Ohio State, because the Bulls are 1) undefeated and 2) of the the undefeated teams has the best wins (North Carolina, Auburn and West Virginia).

LSU stays at #2 because of their much more difficult schedule than Ohio State.

In other blogpoll news, three Big Ten teams I probably had ranked too high all year have dropped out. Purdue, Wisconsin and Indiana gave way to Penn State this week. I was very, very tempted to put Michigan back in the poll, but then I remembered weeks one and two and decided the Wolverines don't deserve the nod yet.

As it is, I'm failry happy with the top ten. But it's the bottom ten that I think is crapshoot at this point. Who do you think is a top ten team waiting to happen? Who is udnerrated in this poll and who do I have too high?

1South Florida 2
2LSU 1
3Ohio State 3
4Boston College--
5Oklahoma 6
6Kentucky 9
7California 5
8Oregon 3
9Missouri 2
10Southern Cal 2
11South Carolina 2
12West Virginia 2
13Virginia Tech--
14Florida 10
15Kansas 5
16Arizona State 2
17Auburn 9
18Texas 5
19Virginia 7
20Tennessee 6
21Hawaii 2
22Georgia 1
23Texas Tech 3
24Cincinnati 12
25Penn State 1

Dropped Out: Purdue (#16), Illinois (#17), Wisconsin (#18), Rutgers (#22), Indiana (#25).


Erik said...

Undefeated BCS conference ASU down two to 16? WTF?

PJS said...

An oversight. That's where I need intelligent readers like yourself to point these things out so I can make adjustments to my poll!