Monday, October 22, 2007

College Football Blog Radio

I made an appearance this past week (before the NDSU loss) on College Football Blog radio. The link to the audio of the show is here. My apperance is on the Oct. 17th edition. Right now, that is the most recent broadcast, but if a new one is up by the time you click the link, you'll see an Oct. 17th option on the right sidebar.

The host asked me questions about Tim Brewster's rough start, how Gopher Nation has reacted and, during its Football in the Groin segment, I was asked to recollect a painful loss. I didn't look back too far, referencing last year's bowl game and the myriad other losses during the Glen Mason era. Have a listen if you're trying to waste some time. I only sound marginally like an idiot!


GopherNation said...

nice interview. What do you think is the better nick name for Mason.

Glen "Mediocre" Mason


Glen "Bowl Eligible" Mason

Gopher Nation

PJS said...

I've always went with Mediocre Mason. I like bowl eligible, but I'm afraid Brewster's detractors--I'm among them sometimes--would make some snippy comment about at least Mason got to bowl games etc...