Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Blogpoll Week 6

No fun Delta this week because I had to miss the blogpoll fun last week.

I kept shaking my head as I put this together. South Florida a top 5 team? I think they've earned it but I never would have thought a Florida team called the Bulls would be the highest ranked team from the Sunshine state. I wanted to put Cal at #3 instead of tOSU, but went with the Big Ten squad after their impressive victory over the monotone Gophers.

Kentucky #8? Again, I think they earned it. But I was scratching my head when I made that selection. The rest is a relative crapshoot. Purdue is probably way too high, but I could see them stealing a Big Ten title. I'm also not real high on Virginia Tech, but their only loss has been to the nation's best team, so I wasn't about to bury them in the poll. Bad losses for Oklahoma and Florida (I don't think Auburn is a great team this year) sent them falling in the poll.

For those following my rankings of Minnesota, we are now ranked dead last among NCAA D1 teams in PJS' poll.

1 LSU 25
2 Southern Cal 24
3 Ohio State 23
4 California 22
5 South Florida 21
6 Wisconsin 20
7 Boston College 19
8 Kentucky 18
9 West Virginia 17
10 Oregon 16
11 South Carolina 15
12 Cincinnati 14
13 Purdue 13
14 Georgia 12
15 Virginia Tech 11
16 Oklahoma 10
17 Florida 9
18 Texas 8
19 Rutgers 7
20 Arizona State 6
21 Nebraska 5
22 Kansas State 4
23 Clemson 3
24 Florida State 2
25 Michigan State 1

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